• RFID Silicone wristbands widely used for indoor/outdoor play areas RFID Silicone wristbands widely used for indoor/outdoor play areas
    RFID silicone bracelet is waterproof and wear-resistant, mainly used in leisure places, theme parks, water parks, sports activities, and outdoor activities. RFID Silicone wristbands are comfortable, waterproof and customizable. These Waterproof RFID Bracelets are perfect for the gym, pool, spa or waterpark. Silicone RFID Wristbands. A less permanent alternative to cloth wristbands, silicone RFID w...
  • PVC rfid wristbands for Spanish playgrounds PVC rfid wristbands for Spanish playgrounds
    PVC rfid wristbands for Spanish playgrounds Our company worked with a company in Spain on a PVC smart wristband project, mainly for use in local playgrounds The PVC wristbands are soft, comfortable, waterproof and can work in wet or humid environments and, at the same time, are adjustable in size. It has low single-use cost and good reading range. Its customizable, including color, printing, numbe...
  • UHF Chip PVC wristband for Vietnam music festival UHF Chip PVC wristband for Vietnam music festival
    UHF chip PVC wristband for Vietnam music festival Monsoon Music Festival is a cultural and music event with international standard, a symbol of Hanoi, held on the occasion of November each year. We work with a Vietnam RFID software company to provide the UHF disposable PVC wristband for ticketing, access control, cashless payment, and data collection(the amount of audiences in each area) in this l...
  • Korea metro token pre-paid ticket project Korea metro token pre-paid ticket project
    Korean city metro token is produced by our company,quantity reach 500 thousands pieces per year, the metro token is different from the conventional coin tag , it's round edge technology, smooth edges without burrs, strict requirements on the thickness of production,should keep every pieces around 0.18MM thickness,high printing process requirement, and customized chip requirement, high quality cont...
  • Shell oil Prepaid card Project Shell oil Prepaid card Project
    We have coopoerated with one Turkey big Multinational listed company about the Shell oil Prepaid card project,the cards used Mifare 1K S50 7 byte UID chip,and quantity is 2 million pieces per year.We have cooperate for more than 2 years.
  • Sheraton hotel Key cards Long-term partner Sheraton hotel Key cards Long-term partner
    Our company have cooparate with Sheraton more than 6 years,we supply high quality hotel door lock cards for Sheraton,our cards worked perfect with their hotel system. High quality and good sevice make us long-term cooperation.
  • Chain Star Hotel Door Lock Key Card Supplier Chain Star Hotel Door Lock Key Card Supplier
    We supply Chain Star hotel door lock key cards to all over the world,with encode also can supply.High quality and Exquisite card surface, unique craftsmanship enhance your brand.
  • RFID Waterpark and Resorts RFID Waterpark and Resorts
    RFID technology is increasingly prevalent in the leisure and attractions industry. Hotels have used Rf door cards for several years, and now that same technology is being used to revolutionize water parks, theme parks and resorts. RFID Meihe have cooperated with oversea clients with many Waterpark and Resorts projects have combin used with RFID Wristbands and RFID Cards.
  • India bus card project India bus card project
    We have cooperate with India RFID Card company for the India bus card project more than 2 years,we have supply more than 1 million pieces bus cards to India,and our high quality kept they re-purchase year and year.
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New Products
  • Eco-friendly paper cards for gift cards

    Custom printed Eco-friendly Paper Cards for Gift cards with Magstripes

    The new reality is that we can't use plastic for everything. Yes, it's long-lasting, but this is the problem, it's too long-lasting. The future of experience technology will be based on materials that are easier to recycle. If you're running a two-day event or want a short-stay card, Eco Paper is the material for you. It's meant to degrade, that's the point. We find a paper that met our standards of ultimate durability and sustainability, Eco Paper from US.With the addition of RFID & NFC technology, Paper card is a good way to bring your customers to digital IoT experiences in hospitality, retail, transportation and events. Paper cards are 100% biodegradable! Meihe produces paper cards of the highest quality – also with NFC or RFID chip. Meihe offers an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic cards. Paper cards made of high-quality coated and reinforced cardboard, which are in no way inferior to  plastic cards in terms of print and quality. These can be produced from 500 pieces...

  •  RFID countdown wristbands

    Customized rewritable waterproof passive RFID countdown wristbands for indoor events

    Do you often find yourself engrossed in indoor activities such as trampolining, rock climbing, or visiting amusement parks? Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to seamless enjoyment! The RFID Countdown Bracelets are designed to seamlessly integrate with RFID access control systems, ensuring effortless entry into restricted areas. No more fumbling for access cards or worrying about misplaced tickets – simply wear this ingenious bracelet and let the hassle fade away.

  • rfid wristbands for events

    Personalized Event Fabric Strap RFID Woven Bracelet For Amusement Park NFC Elastic Fabric Wristbands

    FEATURES: ★Soft and comfortable fabric to wear ★Customized Color Printing NFC Slider ★Customized Design Woven Colorful Band ★Bucklers For Secure/non transferable or Reusable ★Can be sequentially numbered ★Adjustable size, One size fits all

  • Disposable wristbands for events

    Disposable amusement park access entrance ticket water proof PP paper bracelet events wristband

    Advantages of PP synthetic paper wristband:It has the characteristics of softness,environmental protection,light weight,waterproof,anti-static,folding resistance,bright printing color and soon.After compounding the RFID chip,it endows the wristband life and is widely used in the entertainment industry,such as parties,events,water parks and exhibition.While it can effectively manage the crowd,it can also be used as a decoration to make the atmosphere relaxing and colorful.

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