• Campus card solution
    Campus card solution 2019-10-12
    The so-called "campus card" is in the school, where there are cash, tickets or the need to identify the identity of the smart card to complete. It brings efficiency, convenience and security to the management of the school. The card system is an important part of digital campus construction. It is one of the basic projects for information gathering in campus informationization. It has some functio...
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  • RFID technology is applied in various fields
    RFID technology is applied in various fields 2019-09-26
    RFID radio frequency identification technology is believed to be considered by many people as an application in access control systems. In fact, RFID identification is widely used. At present, RFID technology has been applied in many fields, such as personnel, transportation, retail, medical, automotive, weighing, sanitation and other fields. Although the RFID product is small, it has to be said t...
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  • Singapore Airlines is piloting wearable RFID readers at the airport
    Singapore Airlines is piloting wearable RFID readers at the airport 2019-09-18
    Many airlines are currently deploying or piloting a handheld device that supports UHF RFID, which can be used with a smartphone and then charge the phone on a single charging device. The small reader from Koamtac is designed to allow airlines to track baggage handling processes and airport logistics to understand where their marked baggage or parcels are located at check-in, loading into the aircr...
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  • RFID item search system
    RFID item search system 2019-09-06
    RFID is suitable for large warehouses, transshipment warehouses, mold warehouses, etc. Logistics professionals, such as courier companies, when they put items into the warehouse, when they need to look back at this item, they often have problems that cannot be found, so that they need a lot of manpower to clean up the list of items. Performing manual search operations ruined human capital and redu...
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  • Detailed design of the RFID-based smart hotel system
    Detailed design of the RFID-based smart hotel system 2019-08-29
    1 Introduction The hotel's intelligent service is a goal pursued by high-grade hotels. It can provide guests with special services, giving guests a special feeling and impressing guests. It can also establish a unique brand of the hotel. Therefore, many high-grade hotels are carefully designed on the intelligent service. The intelligent hotel system based on RFID has enhanced the intelligent servi...
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  • Nine selection tips for RFID UHF tags
    Nine selection tips for RFID UHF tags 2019-08-07
    More and more people are pouring into the RFID industry. For consumers, this is of course a good phenomenon, because there are more choices, but at the same time there will be some quality problems, and the products are mixed. There will be some differences in quality and quality. This small series summarizes some tips for selecting RFID UHF electronic tags, hoping to help consumers choose and obt...
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  • "The Internet of Things" 2019-07-30
     "The Internet of Things", referred to as: IOT. The Internet of Things (IoT) collects any object or process that needs to be monitored, connected, and interacted through real-time information technology such as optical recognition, radio frequency identification technology, sensors, and global positioning system to collect sound, light, heat, electricity, mechanics, and chemistry. Various nee...
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  • Application of RFID Technology in Intelligent Supermarket
    Application of RFID Technology in Intelligent Supermarket 2019-07-15
    As a technology that has received much attention, IoT technology is widely used in various industries, especially for the retail industry. It is easy for consumers to know the location of products, detailed information, discount sales information and other content in supermarkets and stores, which is obviously beneficial to increase shopping experience. For retailers, it also helps to improve good...
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  • RFID laundry management system
    RFID laundry management system 2019-06-19
    The establishment of the RFID laundry management system is intended to help manage the processes of handover, inventory, washing, ironing, folding, sorting, storage, etc. in the washing work; tracking the washing process of each garment to be managed by the characteristics of the laundry label of RFID technology, Record the number of washings, washing parameters and expand the extended application...
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New Products
  • 13.56MHZ RFID reader

    13.56MHz RFID Contactless Card Reader

    The G-series Contactless Smart Card RFID Reader is a PC-linked smart card reader developed based on the 13.56MHz contactless technology.It is designed to support not only ISO14443 Type A and B cards.

  • Handheld Long Range UHF RFID Reader

    Data Collection Terminal WIFI Bluetooth Android Handheld Long Range UHF RFID Reader

    Explore Our Range of Handheld & Fixed RFID Readers, Rugged RFID Tablet, R2000 RFID Modules. RFID Sled & Swing. Reading Distance Reaches 22-25m (Indoors) 8-10m (Outdoors). Vehicle Computers. Barcode Scanners. UHF RFID Module. Industries: Logistics, Retail.

  • Rfid Bracelet For Gym

    Waterproof GYM access control 13.56mhz silicone RFID smart wristband

    RFID technology is easy to use & configurable for your needs. Discover the advantages. A Global RFID Wristbands Leader in RFID Solutions, we create frictionless experiences for your guests. Experiential. RFID Solutions. Access. Payment. Services: Access, Payment, Experiential.

  • Cashless Payment Rfid Card

    NFC cashless payment card with rfid chip

    Contactless payment systems are credit cards and debit cards, key fobs, smart cards, or other devices, including smartphones and other mobile devices, that use radio-frequency identification (RFID) or near field communication (NFC, e.g. Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Merpay or any bank mobile application that support Contactless) for making secure payments. The embedded chip and antenna enable consumers to wave their card, fob, or handheld device over a reader at the point of sale terminal. Contactless payments are made in close physical proximity, unlike mobile payments which use broad-area cellular or WiFi networks and do not involve close physical proximity.

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