Plastic RFID Smart Cards
  • Marina Donati
    Marina Donati 2018-10-25
    Dear Eva, We have received the wristbands today in perfect condition and very well arranged. I hope we could place new orders soon It was a pleasure make business with you.. Many thanks and Best Regards,
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  • Carlos de la Rocha
    Carlos de la Rocha 2018-10-19
    Dear Eva , Good afternoon The commercial invoice is OK, Please let me know the shipping company and the shipment tracking when available . I want to thank you for your professional work and your kindly cooperation in this order. With my Best Regards
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  • R Slavin
    R Slavin 2018-07-16
    Ellven,thanks for your support on prices, I am happy to work with you and your company. 
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  • Elena
    Elena 2018-07-16
    You have been great to work with and looks like we will continue to wok with you for a very long time, since we started with smart cards we had a good experience, next year will be even bigger for us and you.
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  • valent
    valent 2018-06-29
    Thanks.Eva, You are one professional, experienced, and successful business woman. My best compliment to you.
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  • Sami
    Sami 2018-06-29
    Your service and quality is what I need, thanks for your cooperation.And I am happy to work with you.
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  • Linda
    Linda 2018-06-29
    It is my pleasure to work with you guys, I am really appreciated for your good service and products. 
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  • Melissa
    Melissa 2018-06-29
    Mina, thanks for your quick and professional reply all the time. It's been great to work with you and your company.
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New Products
  • RFID Polyester Wristband

    RFID Polyester Wristband Bracelet For Even Ticket

    RFID polyester wristband tag 1.Lightweight, easy to install, easy to trace, anti-disassembly, waterproof, high temperature resistance, high safety, universal indoor and outdoor 2. Multi-label recognition, high recognition sensitivity and fast speed, with a globally unique identification code 3. Mainly applicable to medical, conference ticket, exhibition ticket, event ticket management, etc.

  • RFID Polyester Wristband

    Soft Smart RFID Fabric Nylon Polyester Wristband Bracelet For Water Park

    Polyester Wristband Elastic Closed With RFID Chip, could be inserted 125khz and 13.56mhz frequency chips, according to your request. RFID fabric wristband is bracelet embedded with RFID chips. The material could be silk satin or nylon for this style. It is comfortable and durable, which are equipped with a slider for a one-size-fits-all capability. Can be one time use or reusable depends on the lock type. Widely used on Electronic tickets, Outdoor activities, Exhibitions, Sports events etc.  We may customize your RFID cloth wristband with logo, pattern, and text etc.

  • contactless wooden hotel key card

    13.56MHz wood RFID card contactless wooden hotel key card

    Our Wooden Business Cards are remarkably versatile, and will bring a refined sense of nature to your organization. Available in Walnut, Cherry and Birch. We offer eco-friendly options for your rfid card project. Choose from recycled PVC, wood, and other biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials.

  • Woven Fabric RFID Wristband

    Custom Printing 13.56MHz Woven Fabric RFID Wristband NFC for Event Festival Tickets

    Highly Durable Wristband Passes. Wide Variety of Design Options Available. Lightweight, Waterproof, and Durable. Great for Multi-Day Use. Full-Color Printing. Made in the China. Rush Orders Available. Over 19 Years Experience.

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