Animal Food Traceability System RFID Solution--RFID Animal ear Tag 2018-04-17
In China, RFID technology has also been applied to food safety tracking management, and has received strong support from many local governments.
In May 2002, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "Administrative Measures for Animal Immunization Markings," which stipulated that pigs, cattle and sheep must wear RFID Animal ear tags for immunity and establish an immunization records management system.
In order to ensure food safety for Hong Kong, the system adopted in Shenzhen and Hong Kong implemented the RFID radio frequency identification technology applied to the food supply, production, processing, transportation, wholesale and port of Hong Kong. Inspection, retail and other links. RFID tags are attached to the outer packaging of foods, including food testing information, food growth, production information, storage and packaging information. Hong Kong citizens can use electronic tag readers to trace back to the sources of food, etc. More confidence.

RFID farm animal husbandry solutions

The rfid tag is affixed to the food or food packaging box, the reader is connected to the antenna, the sensor is integrated with the reader, and the read data packet is transmitted to the food safety management database through the network, and the manufacturers and products of each link in the food supply chain Information is registered in the RFID public service system. Based on the food safety management database, information services such as food information services, food safety traceability, and food quality assessment are integrated through supply chain information integration.
Application service
Based on the integration of food safety management databases and food supply chain information, the system can provide the following services.
(1) Food Information Service
Users can enjoy food information services through inquiries. On the table, you can obtain information on the origin, production (processing), and production date of each dish; shopping in the supermarket can obtain the flow information and safety information of the purchased food.
(2) Food safety traceability
Once the epidemic has broken out, the food safety management system can quickly find information on where the product is sold, who is responsible, and where the product originated. Not only can the final consumer of each food be found in accordance with the food safety traceability system, but also the circulation or production process can be found. In the process of problems, take corresponding measures.
(3) Terminal inquiry system

Supermarkets are the main channels for consumers to purchase food. Consumers can check the information on the purchased foods at supermarkets or RFID tagging terminals provided by manufacturers.

rfid animal ear tag

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