Circle design Anti-metal NFC Sticker / label 2018-12-17

The metal-resistant nfc sticker (anti-metal nfc sticker) is an electronic label packaged with a special anti-magnetic absorbing material, which technically solves the problem that the electronic label cannot be attached to the metal surface. The product is waterproof, acid proof, alkali resistant, anti-collision and can be used outdoors.

Applying a ntag213 anti-metal sticker to the metal provides good read performance, even longer than reading in air. Using a special circuit design, this type of electronic tag can effectively prevent the metal from interfering with the RF signal. The outstanding performance of the real metal-resistant electronic tag is: the reading distance attached to the metal is farther than that without the metal, which is Excellent results of the overall design.

Anti-metal nfc sticker Application :

1.Mobile Payment

2.Smart Poster Reading

3.Identity Management

4.Access control system

5.Device Pairing

6.Smart advertisement

7.Goods and device authentication

8.Connection handover

9.Bus smart card

10. Bluetooth simple pairing

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