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Our eco friendly wooden key cards feature an embedded RFID chip, which is an ideal replacement for traditional plastic key cards. Wood is a sustainable, incredibly durable material, keeping the RFID chip protected. Your guests will thank you for choosing an environmentally friendly alternative, helping to reduce the number of plastics that can end up in landfills or in the ocean.

Customize each side of our wooden key cards by laser engraving or print your brand, text, and logos. We offer custom shapes including circular coin/token shapes.

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    Custom logo eco friendly RFID Wood Access control Hotel Key
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1. Environmental protection and health: Card products made of natural wood processing, because of the natural properties of wood, will give people who come into contact with the product a sense of intimacy and comfort. Compared with plastic/rubber/metal products, natural wood products are non-toxic Harmless features. 

2. High-end novelty: Wooden smart cards, wooden membership cards, and wooden NFC have gradually become the main force in the RFID market and are synonymous with fashion. Compared with PVC card products, wood-made card products have the advantage of light weight and any other advantages. Model does not require the advantage of mold. In an environment where global environmental awareness is increasing, wooden smart card products have a bright future, and it is also a big trend. 

3. Durable: Natural wood can be used continuously, its emissions during processing have little impact on the environment, and it can be degraded and recycled. Wood has the advantages of comfortable vision, smell, touch and humidity control of the environment.

Bamboo, Beech, Basswood, Walnut, Cherry, Sapele, Birch, etc
85.5*54mm, or customized
Working frequency
Available chips
213/215/216, FM11RF08, etc
ISO14443A, ISO15693, etc
logo, QR code, Bar-code, Numbering
URL, Text, Number, etc
poly bag or customized packaging 
Waterproof, dust-proof, anti metal, flexible shape available, durable, 
Working temp.
-25~75 °C
Storage temp.
-40~80 °C
hotel room key card


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