Customized Printed ISO15693 ICODE SLIX rfid library tag Label with 3M Adhesive Sticker

RFID Label can be widely applied in identification, public transportion , event ticketing electronic toll collection, asset management ,libraries and rental, loyalty system and access control management etc. Besides, Meihe provides programming and encoding services which exactly fit customer's programming or encoding requirements.

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Customized Printed  ISO15693 ICODE SLIX rfid library tag Label with 3M Adhesive Sticker

RFID Library Book Labels or Tags are widely used for automatic data capture in library applications (i.e., academic, public, corporate, and other special applications). RFID technology provides an enhanced user experience for library applications and in related industries that require item tracking. For the library market, these tags provide convenient solutions for self check-in/check-out, RFID gate, library article return, product sorting, theft prevention, and queue busting.

Rfid Tag For Books

Specifications - RFID Library Tags

Product Name :ICODE® SLIX RFID Library Tag

Frequency: 13.56MHz

Back paper :glassine

Face paper: Coated paper or thermal printed paper

Size :50*50MM

Protocol: ISO15693

Antenna etched Aluminum

Reading range :0-60mm or custom

Data retention 10 years in regular

Write/read endurance 100 000 times


Square: 50*50mm 60*60mm

Rectangle:50*60mm 50*55mm or customized


Printing Custom 4C LOGO printing or white sticker, wet inlay

Crafts Number printing (Serial No & Chip UID etc), QR, Barcode etc

Chip program/encode/lock/encrption will be available as well (URL ,TEXT ,Number and Vcard)

Epoxy, Customize size and shape, Hole punch etc

Package packaged individually, in strips, on rolls, or printable sheet


· Library Management

· Document Management

· Museum Management

Rfid Library Books Tag

Icode Slix Rfid Library Tag

Rfid Tag Sticker For Library Books Tracking

Icode Library Rfid Tag Wholesale


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