Last year the European NFC payment number 3 billion the largest food service growth 2016-11-16
As NFC payments area is extensively used in the United States, consumers are in Europe, quickly adapt to such a 

payment.Recently, the news from foreign media, Visa Europe said in the past 12 months across Europe use Visa 

card complete contactless payment of more than 3 billion, that number close to the year before (12 months earlier) 

the three times the number of transactions.Visa contactless payment use the proportion from 1/60 of the rapid 

growth in 2013 to more than 1/5, its development speed.

According to relevant data shows that only in April this year, the europeans to reach 360 million, use the contactless 

payment in April 2015 record of 143 million, 360 million times of contactless payment is a what kind of concept - the 

equivalent of 140 times per second contactless transactions.The contactless payment average turnover rose by 

12%, reached 13.83 euros ($15.76).

In contactless payment, the biggest year-on-year growth of the restaurant, at 153%, by general merchants 

146%, 119% 119% supermarkets and fast-food restaurants, etc.

On the regional distribution, in Poland, Spain and Britain use contactless payment of most consumers.The UK area 

contactless payment transaction number increased by 300%, from 2015 in April 51 million transaction number 

increased to 2016 in April 153 million.According to mobile pay understanding, there are more than 400 million 

contactless payment occurred on London's transport services.

Contactless payment in the past time is becoming more and more popular for its fast speed and convenience of 

European consumers and businesses, the next contactless payment will be further developed.

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