Meihe company launch a RFID NFC asset tag strap cable tie zip tag 2018-09-14
Asset Management: The new RFID label ties are looks like ordinary cable ties.

RFID Meihe, a supplier and manufacturer of NFC tags, has introduced an NFC asset tag strap that expands its range of applications for wire, shelf and machinery.

“Assuming you are in a warehouse or need to label machinery or similar assets, it is not appropriate to label a label, PVC or ABS label. “In this case, NFC asset tags are tied to machines or such assets. The cable tie is much more convenient, which is also a better solution.

“NFC asset tags can be used on any strapable asset such as shelves, machinery, etc. It is an alternative to common industrial asset tags.”

With NFC tags, users can scan it with a variety of devices, and it costs less than RFID tags. The NFC tag has a huge advantage, and we regard it as one of our company's key development projects, which will be a market with great potential.

The cable tie has a built-in Ntag213 NFC chip and can wrap items ranging from 35mm to 70mm in diameter. The product's appearance is highly recognizable green and bright yellow, and the company can also provide alternative chips and custom color services.

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