Meihe's RFID Card fit for printer to pre-printing 2016-11-16

With the further development of the smart card technology, the card identification of universal application, intelligent self-service card card issuing equipment demand more and more, health certificate, social security card and other self-service card equipment gradually appear in the government or relevant units service hall, these convenient self-service equipment the ordinary people rush demand at any time, also reduced the staff a lot of work, it is an all-in-one solution.

For self-help instant card customer demand on the market at present, the method of instant card printing company to launch a with high electronic information writing, waste recycling, CARDS, card timeout recovery, large capacity, with a variety of functions such as card slot CARDS printer, meet user self-service card card card printing machine application requirements, the machine model for high Fagoo P280E.

Method of high Fagoo P280E CARDS printer using high resolution thermal sublimation print.

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