NFC Tag Paper Sticker For Phone

NFC near field communication technology is evolved from non-contact radio frequency identification (RFID) and interconnection technology, combined with inductive card reader, induction card and point-to-point function on a single chip, Equipment for identification and data exchange.
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    NFC Tag Paper Sticker For Phone
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Product Name:NFC Tag Paper Sticker For Phone

13.56mhz rfid tag, nfc tag is easy to do programmable, like URL encoded, so that it can work with Andriod smartphone with NFC. When NFC tag get closed to NFC position on the smartphone, programed website link comes out immediately.

NFC Label

NFC label

1.Material:Paper, coated paper, thermal paper
4.HF chip:Ntag213 / 215 / 216, Ultralight(C), Fudan F08, I code sli (customized)
5.Read Distance: 0-10cm( relates with the antenna,reader and working environment)
Round, 50mm / 40mm / 30mm / 25mm in diameter
Square, 50*50mm, 40*40mm, 29*29mm, other bigger or smaller size required , kindly contact us.
Ok to share datas by nfc enabled phone, faster and more convenient than bluetooth
9:Date retention time: 10 years
10.Reading/Writing endurance: 100.000 times.
11.Operating temperature: -10℃~+65 ℃
Custom logo, color printed for surface paper
Customized data information writable in the chip, like url (website) , serial numbers, etc.


Retail Environment
Social Media
Games & Toys
Media & Ads
Business Cards
Loyalty Apps
Electronics Pairing
Product Authentication
Ticketing & Payment
Library Management

NFC Label applicationNFC label applicationNFC label


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