NXP Group and Guala closures Gourp bring Smart Security NFC bottle cap Solution for the wine and spirits market by hand in hand 2016-11-16

NXP Group and Guala closures Gourp bring Smart Security NFC bottle cap Solution for the wine and spirits market by hand in hand

   1, January 19, 2015- NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) and guala closures Group (Guala Closures Group) announced today that they will cooperate in the development of the next generation Cap solution for the wine and spirits industry.These smart safety caps solutions will integrate near field communication technology (NFC) provides authentication and tamper-proof application and monitoring.By NFC technology can also provide contact points directly to consumers--just lightly touched with NFC-enabled smart devices, consumers will be able to learn more about related beverages, get cocktail recipes, special offers and loyalty rewards, and so on.These advanced Cap solution is designed to ensure the authenticity and integrity of brand products, beverage manufacturers and consumers are extremely useful. 

  2,Guala closures group supports the new caps with NFC function to cover record and recording technology, clearly indicate unauthorized opening.Consumer adoption of NFC-enabled mobile devices and applications, you can verify the true origin and the integrity of the product. At the point of purchase and during use of the product as a whole, through NFC smart can also interact with consumer brands participating in the scheme. 

 3,"Our cooperation with NXP will lead to the products and markets of a new generation guala cap. Our cooperation will be established on the counterfeiters a electronic tamper-proof barrier, for the non-refillable system adds an extra layer of protection. Except advanced of caps security characteristics, the innovation solution programme will  provides unique of Exchange platform for our branded customer, in purchase and using during and consumers interactive exchange, "The Development Innovation New header of Guala Closures Group Mr.Maurizio Mittino said," this revolutionaried products line will created huge of market opportunities for we , especially in those beverage markets that fraud is General, and everyone know exists many fake products . ”   


 4,"Based on our long-term leading status in NFC field ,cooperation of NXP and Guala Closures Groups will support us constantly innovation, and sought breakthrough in intelligent and security products field ," General Manager of NXP Semiconductors Group Intelligent Mobile and Retail Department Mr.Matthias Poppel said, "with world high-increased internet-connected degree , by means of our NFC technology, not only can achieved unique of identity validation products, and security brand protection solution programme, but also can provides the date-backing of new products and intelligent marketing service. The new scalable security Cap solution will help the customers of Guala Closures Group protect their income and valuable brand assets. ”

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