Parking lot RFID management 2021-05-14
The RFID vehicle identification system has been successfully applied to many depots, stations and parking lots. After the application, the dispatching efficiency of vehicles has been significantly improved and intelligent vehicle management has been provided. The RFID identification system fully automated data collection for vehicle entry and exit. On the one hand, it greatly improves the image of establishing a new urban vehicle management, prevents manual operation loopholes, is conducive to data archiving, and ensures the safety and reliability of vehicle entry and exit. On the other hand, it greatly promotes This has improved the pace of automation construction in cities and government enterprises.
1. Parking lot business needs
When the vehicle passes through the turnstile, the driver has to complete a series of actions, such as: “slow down”, “stop”, “open the window”, “swipe the card”, “wait for the lever to lift”, “drive”, etc. Obviously , This is an inefficient management method that can complete access management functions.
For a long time, parking lot owners have hoped to find an efficient way to manage their driving vehicles without stopping. Such a problem-solving method can satisfy both the driver and the parking lot manager.
Second, the specific plan
Based on its own mastery of RFID technology and full understanding of the vehicle management business process, Chuangyi Technology applies RFID technology to the vehicle intelligent parking lot management process, thereby solving the traditional vehicle release method of parking and swiping cards, and greatly improving the efficiency of vehicle release , To ensure smooth traffic at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. Through the correct design and installation, the vehicles can pass without stopping at the same time on multiple lanes without interfering with each other.

In our solution, there are mainly the following key technologies: electronic tags (long-distance cards), long-distance readers, lane controllers and other key equipment.
As long as the label is placed on the vehicle, the management system can effectively and accurately collect and record the vehicle information entering and exiting the unit in a large range, upload and process it as needed. The background computer recognizes the attributes of the vehicle and drives it according to the uploaded information. The gates are opened correctly to ensure that the access control system has efficient release capabilities and achieves "pass through without stopping."
The installation method is very simple, as long as the reader is fixed to the appropriate position of the channel, such as the wall or the bracket. The reader and the background management system (software) are connected through a standard interface, the standard interface includes: RS232, RS485, Wiegand. The electronic tag is installed on the vehicle as its identification. The card reader reads the data of the electronic tag (such as vehicle information, vehicle entry and exit time, billing, etc.) and transmits it to the computer. The computer controls timing and charging through software, thus realizing non-stop management. Install two fixed card readers A and B at the entrance. A is near the gate, and B is about 10m inward. When A reads the card information before B, we can judge it as entering. When B If the card information is read before A, it is judged to be out.

3. Program features
The characteristics of the technical solutions are very prominent, which are specifically manifested in:
1. Long distance. The effective reading distance between the reader and the card is 0 to 80 meters, which is suitable for most parking environments; this distance is also the technical basis for "passing customs without stopping";
2. Circularly polarized antenna. The reading head receiving antenna design adopts a circularly polarized antenna, and there is no direction requirement for the card placement;
3. High speed. When the moving speed of the vehicle-mounted card is 0~200 km/h, the reader can correctly identify the card signal;

4. Long time. The electronic tag can work continuously for 6 to 8 years without maintenance during the period. This reduces maintenance costs for users and management and directly improves economic benefits.

UHF Tags
Long Reading Distance PassiveHF、UHF、RFID Tags
Strong manufacturer of RFID & NFC tag
Standing stock exceeds 10 million pcs for shipment on the same day of order.
Shipment in 3-5 days after order for regular orders.
Shipment in 5-8 days after order for customized orders.

Coated paper/PET/PP/PVC,
Optional Material
Plastic, PVC, PET, Paper
Antenna Process
Aluminum ETCH(AL10um)
ISO14443A, ISO15693, PC Class1 Gen 2, ISO18000-6B/C
Operating Frequency
13.56MHz, 860~960MHz
φ8/10/15/18/20/25/30mm, 15*15/25*25/50*30/73*21mm or customized
Operating Mode
Operating Limits
-70°C/ 20%~90% RH
Storage Limits
20~50°C / 20%~90% RH(Without condensation).
The Recommended Storage Temperature
20~30°C / 50% RH
Optional Type RFID, NFC
Optional Chip 13.56MHZ: N203/213/215/216, MF 1K S50/4K S70, MF EV1 2K/4K/8K, MF Ev1, UTL/UTL-C, I code Sli/-S/-X etc
125KHZ: TK4100, EM4200, T5577, EM4305, EM4450, etc
860-960MHZ: Alien H3, Monza 4D, 4E, 4QT, Monza R6,U7,U8, etc
Optional Protocol ISO14443A/ISO15693/18000-6C
Optional ColorCustomize Design
Optional Craft Wet Inlay, Dry Inlay, Label (Paper Label, PVC Label), Anti-Metal Layer, 4-color offset printing, Screen printing,
Magnetic stripe, Embossing numbers, Signature panel, Barcode, Encoding, Thermal barcode / numbers, Scratch-off panel, Hole
punched, UV barcode/numbers, Individual packing, etc.
Product shows
surface material: CoatedPaper,PET,PVC. Adhesive: 3M glue or defult glue base on your orders. lnlay: Full range of chip and antenna options avaliable for choice base on different orders. Anti-metal lager:The core element to enable the tags working on metal.
Labels used in special environments: glass, wood, etc.
High temperature and low temperature resistance

rfid vehicle tags
Customization available

Various sizes can be chosen.

Customized sizes can be offered according to specific requirements.

Crafts available: Printing, Numbers, QR code, Encoding, etc.

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