PVC Plastic Membership Card With Embossing Number Printing

In the process of making a membership card, the convex code is an indispensable process, which plays the function of indicating the card number, but also play a beautiful role.

Convex code with gold convex, silver convex two colors to choose from;

Convex code and a small gold convex, Daikin convex, small silver convex, large silver convex of the points;

Small convex code for the 12th word, large convex code for the 18 word font for arial.

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    Embossing Number Printing PVC Card
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    T/T, Western Union, Paypal
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    Shenzhen, Hongkong
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    7-8 Working Days
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PVC Plastic Membership Card With Embossing Number Printing

Embossing Number Printing PVC Membership Card

Material: PVC

Size: 85.5x54mm (credit card size or customized)

Thickness: 0.76mm/0.5mm/0.38mm/0.3mm/etc

Craft works: CMYK color printing, pantone color printing on both sides

                      Options:serial number, scratch panel, silver or gold color

                      Application:Prepaid services, recharge services

Sample: Sample can be support by free, just need you bear the shipping fee.

Package: 200pcs/box,20 box/carton, 4000pcs/carton

Payment Terms: T/T, Westen Union

Lead Time: Custom sample leadtime  2-4 working days

                    Production leadtime 7-8 working days

Embossing Number Plastic VIP Card

Large convex code can only play up to 19 (including spaces), there is no more than 19 machines appear, only like printing brush. Convex code is best controlled within 16 bits, too long will lead to a little deformation of the card, large convex code mantissa can be fixed a constant, small convex code mantissa can be fixed three unchanged, convex code must be regular. Flat code card, Penma card, bar code card, magnetic stripe card data is no limit. Which can not play convex card convex card, unless the first conventional card size, playing convex code and then cut card.

Club Member Card With Embossed Number


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