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RFID radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically recognizes target objects and acquires relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work can work in various harsh environments without manual intervention. RFID technology recognizes high-speed moving objects and recognizes multiple labels at the same time, making operation quick and easy.

Short-range RF products are not afraid of harsh environments such as oil stains and dust pollution. Bar codes can be replaced in such environments, such as tracking objects on the assembly line of a factory. Long-range RF products are mostly used for transportation, and the recognition distance can reach several tens of meters, such as automatic charging or identification of vehicle identity.

Application of RFID technology

a. In the retail industry, the use of bar code technology has resulted in tens of thousands of product types, prices, origins, lots, shelves, stocks, etc.

b. Adopting automatic vehicle identification technology, making road and bridge, parking lots and other toll collection places avoid the phenomenon of vehicle queue clearance, reducing time waste, thus greatly improving transportation efficiency and traffic capacity of transportation facilities;

c. In the automated production line, all aspects of the entire production process are placed under strict monitoring and management;

d. In the harsh environment of dust, pollution, cold, heat, etc., the use of long-range radio frequency identification technology improves the inconvenience of truck drivers having to get off the bus;

e. In the operation management of the bus, the automatic identification system accurately records the arrival time of the vehicles at each station along the line, providing real-time and reliable information for vehicle scheduling and full-time operation management.

What benefits will RFID technology bring to enterprise logistics and supply chain management?

Electronic tags are a tool to improve the efficiency and accuracy of recognition, and this technology will completely replace barcodes.

Take Nokia, a well-known mobile phone manufacturer, for example. Nokia is the first to test RFID projects in Finland. It uses a commercial thermal printer to attach a color-coded label to a mobile phone product that is connected to the customer's shipping process system and delivers the information to a secure network server via a smart reading board. In the material procurement process, Nokia's parcels were unloaded in the UK warehouse, and the information was automatically transferred to the Nokia Branch Materials Manager's mobile phone via a barcode reader.

In production companies, such as HP, we are beginning to discover how RFID can help us in the actual manufacturing process. RFID ensures that they use the right components in their manufacturing. Under the company's existing system, HP employees need to scan the in-process products on the production line and then scan the components to determine if they match. After the RFID tag is used, the correctness of the selected components is automatically ensured by verifying the component series code. HP is also actively involved in smart and secure trade channel activities, a project created after 9/11 to ensure the security of cargo containers entering the United States. The project uses active RFID technology to provide real-time visibility into the status, location and security of containers entering the port.

In corporate distribution and retail distribution, RFID has begun to function from the moment the goods leave the warehouse. When the entire vehicle leaves the distribution center, the system scans the goods on the trailer so that the store manager can track every shipment from the store's warehouse information system, knowing which shipments were sent and when they arrived. When the trailer arrives at the store, it takes another scan to see if anything is missing, so that it is no longer necessary to check each trailer and the actual number of goods counted. Once the merchandise is placed on the shelf, when there is a shortage of shelf merchandise, the embedded RFID reader sends a message to the store's back office system, and the goods are replenished as needed, thus avoiding sales losses due to shortage of goods. In addition, the RFID reader can track the sales speed of goods and sell the best and worst products, and has a security anti-theft function. As long as the anti-theft function in the tag is activated, the sensor at the exit of the store can issue an alarm message. At the checkout counter, the anti-theft program will be automatically cancelled. At the checkout counter, the tagged goods will be scanned again and the inventory will be updated. In addition, store customers can directly understand the products they want and immediately get information about the products with labels. In this way, choosing a DVD or CD is very simple, because customers can scan the product in any electronic convenience station in the store and choose to play a video or music clip.

In the past, waiting at the checkout desk for a long time was a headache. In the new store, the RFID tag in the shopping cart tells the store management how many shopping carts are in and out of the store. If the number of shopping carts used in the store increases, more tables are opened to meet the requirements of handling a large number of customers.

Wireless job management system introduction

1, conveyor sorting

Sorting the goods on the conveyor requires multiple antennas to form an RFID scanning tunnel to increase the first rate. At the same time, the RFID reader needs to access the conveyor belt or other control host. At this time, the Intermec Intellitag RPC reusable RFID tag and the Intermec Intellitag IF4 reader are used to form an economical and efficient RFID system.

2, warehouse receipt and delivery

When the pallet is loaded and unloaded into and out of the truck compartment and the container, the metal box has a strong reflection on the radio waves, which seriously affects the effect and correctness of the RFID reading. The Intermec Intellitag IF5 is an intelligent RFID reader with four antenna interfaces for flexible scanning tunnels. Can effectively improve the reading effect and accuracy.

3, tray packaging workstation

The RFID reader installed on the pallet packaging station needs to identify and classify the goods on the pallet in time and link it to the RFID identification tray. The Intermec Intellitag IF4 is a low cost solution.

4, over the top reading

A fixed RFID reader and a set of antennas form a downward-covering scanning network for efficient reading and writing of large items and trays with RFID tags facing upwards. Especially for forklift operations, it is more convenient and effective.

5, manual mobile work

Manually moving jobs requires specifying items and completing a series of jobs. The Intermec Intellitag IP3 mobile RFID reader and Intermec 700 mobile computer form a mobile operating platform that can simultaneously read and write RFID tags and scan barcodes, and process, store and communicate accordingly. Leveraging the power of the Intermec 700, Intermec IP3 can be built with peripherals and systems into PAN, LAN and WAN for different applications.

6, forklift mobile work

Forklift mobile operations are the most important mode of operation for warehouses and logistics centers. A mobile work platform consisting of the Intermec Intellitag IF4 fixed RFID reader and the Intermec CV60 onboard computer, ideal for palletized cargo operations and RFID tag reading and writing

7, printing and reading of RFID tags

The Intermec Intellitag PM4i is a versatile label printer for RFID. It is a new product developed on the basis of the Intermec PM4i smart label printer. The Intermec Intellitag PM4i printer follows current RFID standards and encodes and encodes barcodes, text, and graphics simultaneously without the need for host system programming. The Intellitag PM4i works offline and performs printing and encoding tasks independently.

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