RFID handset wide application 2014-11-06
RFID handset application site:

The school gate: real time recording when school, when school students
Dining room: check whether the students dining hall meal and meal card function
Dormitory: the specific information of wireless recording each into the dormitory student (name, student number, time)
Examination: scanning the real information of students, prevent students took the test, steal the bad phenomenon test etc..

RFID handset application advantage

[information storage volume]: Ken Mai Si especially for the number of students, the storage requirements greatly this demand, specially extended information storage space, a hand-held RFID device can be a one-time storage of 1000 students information, it also supports the extended storage.
[combining distance]: Ken Mai Si RFID handset supports both ultra high frequency and distance of reading and writing. This equipment can be installed in the campus gate, reading 1m students within the information, can also be installed in the campus security room, reading 6m students outside information.

[three protection]: the effective protection of handheld RFID devices support the user development, can be connected to the user's software development. It will read the student information, incoming school background server, school administrators can be in school activities to their respective each student's parents, schools and parents, social three effect protection structure.
Easy for Install: only need to install a RFID handheld devices, user information software system plus, can complete the student attendance work, which greatly simplifies the installation difficulty, maintenance easier, without professional door-to-door service engineers.

improve the efficiency : improve the efficiency of this kind of RFID handset using passive RFID technology principle, support 800 people in and out of campus, and through the field engineer testing, information accuracy as high as 100%, card leakage rate is close to 0, the intelligent campus management is a good helper.
Strong environment adjust ability: because of rain and fog days for students learn often encounter a rainy day, foggy day, so our company the RFID handset using three IP65 design, waterproof and dustproof performance of no little interest. Can work normally in the -20 to +70 DEG C environment, this is the peer has not.

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