RFID intelligent attendance management system 2017-09-14
Traditional attendance through credit card, playing fingerprints, etc., prone to attendance negligence, omission and inefficiency and other issues. In order to solve these problems, Meihe company ,the physical development of the RFID RFID attendance management system, through the active RFID remote identification function, attendants only need to card access, the system can automatically record the sign, check out time, and generate attendance Report, effectively eliminating the queuing card, forget card, etc., to improve the efficiency and attendance efficiency, reduce attendance accounting work.

Long-range automatic identification, fast through no clogging,

The number of real-time statistics, attendance automatically generated.

First, the characteristics of RFID attendance
1, high convenience: non-contact long-distance attendance, all staff just card directly into the door can be.
2, high efficiency: can simultaneously identify not less than 500 cards, to reach all the staff quickly, no attendance problems.
3, high reliability: high precision radio frequency identification program, no leakage read, accurate and reliable.

Second, the system principle

By installing a signal transceiver at a suitable location, the signal can cover all entrances and exits. At the same time, the positioner can be fitted at each door, and an active RFID tag is dispatched to attendants. Attendance staff without any operation, normal access, you can automatically attendance. If the staff is absent or leave without authorization, the system will automatically identify and send a notification message or alarm reminder according to the system settings.

Third, the system function
1, real-time attendance monitoring: real-time display late, leave early, absenteeism, leave and other abnormal conditions, and provide web tips, SMS notification.
2, attendance status inquiries: real-time query staff to work, get off work time, late, leave early, absenteeism, leave and other abnormal circumstances, as well as leave, overtime and so on.
3, flexible scheduling settings: different staff can be configured with different shifts to support the set lunch time, cross-day scheduling, absentee time definition, as well as holiday attendance and rest settings.
4, attendance process management: support the user to initiate leave or overtime matters, approval processing matters; and automatically generate approval by the leave of the single, overtime, for special attendance.
5, attendance patch application: for those who forget the card, the card has been damaged, etc. caused by abnormal records of attendance, to provide attendance patch application.
6, statistics and reporting functions: automatic statistical staff attendance, providing the generation of daily, monthly, irregular reports, abnormal reports, charts, and data export and print.

Fourth, the system expansion Application: access control
The system can control the access of personnel to address the safety of important places. By installing the access controller at the door, the password keypad, etc., the entry and exit personnel must have a card or enter the correct password to be approved. At the same time, the system can remotely control the door to open and close, to ensure that authorized personnel free access to restrict unauthorized access.

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