RFID intelligent community management solution 2020-05-28
In recent years, theft security incidents have been found to have some of the same problems in some areas. The security of this area is not suitable for the communication between the people and vehicles entering the area. Therefore, how to process and accurately locate vehicle information is critical to improve the safety factor. At this stage, the regional protection system cannot maintain the monitoring and quasi-location of all personnel and vehicles entering the area. For this problem, this article clearly proposes the use of RFID technology in the regional protection system to maintain the access to the area The precise positioning and information resolution of all personnel and vehicles ensure the safety of the area. This article explores the feasibility analysis of the application of RFID technology in regional protection systems from the perspective of precise positioning. Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) is a kind of wireless communication technology. It can distinguish special overall goals and read and write related data information based on wireless communication data signals without using identification technology and special overall goals to create mechanical devices or electronic optical touch. The wireless communication data signal is transmitted from the tag on the block according to the magnetic field of the allocated wireless communication frequency to automatically retrieve and track the block. Some tags can obtain kinetic energy from the magnetic field transmitted by the recognizer during discrimination, without using a rechargeable battery; some tags have kinetic energy and can cause electromagnetic waves (magnetic fields to wireless communication frequencies). The label includes information stored by the electronic device method and can be distinguished within how many meters. Unlike barcodes, RFID tags do not need to be in the line of sight of markers or placed in tracking targets.

1. Key composition and working principle

1. The system software components are divided into three parts

(1) RFID electronic tag

The label is equal to the bar code mark in the bar code technology, and can store the information that must be distinguished for easy transmission.

(2) RFID handheld

Depending on the type of sign used and the function implemented, the diversity of readers is obviously different. The basic element of the reader is to present a way to transfer data with tags. In addition, the reader also presents very complex data signal manipulation, regular and odd deviation checks and corrections.

(3) RFID antenna

The wireless antenna is a transmitting and receiving device between the tag and the reader.

2. Working principles

RFID technology is to use radio frequency signals to transmit non-touch information according to indoor space coupling (alternating electromagnetic field or magnetic field), and to maintain automatic retrieval based on information transmission. The basic principle is to use the characteristics of wireless communication frequency data signals and gas coupling transmission to maintain automatic retrieval of the overall goal. The whole process of the work: when the new project with the electronic device label is within the readable range of the reader, the reader will send out the electromagnetic field, and the query data signal will excite the label. The data signal of the reflective surface of the label allows the reader to load and distinguish the electronic data stored in the label of the electronic device according to the entire process of encoding and decoding of the internal power circuit, and then automatically retrieve the target. Then according to the electronic computer and computer network to maintain the role of the target discrimination information collection, resolution and remote control transmission management method.

Current status of safety production technology in residential quarters

At this stage, the key role of the regional safety management system is safety protection. In order to create a safe and comfortable living environment for the residents, people must have a standardized and fully intelligent protection system. At this stage, most regions still choose the inspection method of security personnel. Such methods are highly efficient and low in human capital. Elements such as security. Even some high-rise residential areas are excellent espionage, but they are also equipped with high-quality security personnel, but such machinery and equipment are expensive and easy to destroy by human factors. In short, the actual effect of security is not significant.

3. The overall design and the whole process of work

1. Overall design

Fully considering the diversity and diversity of housing construction and personnel in the area, some readers must be installed and the data information should be exchanged according to the communication optical cable and the electronic computer of the monitoring station. In addition, an electronic device label is installed on each vehicle of people entering the area to detect and accurately locate the label. In the whole process of the work of the RFID system software, the kinetic energy has always been the basis, and data transmission has been maintained according to a certain time series. The reader shows the kinetic energy in the work for the electronic device label. When the electronic device tag enters the RFID industry, the reader excites the tag power circuit according to the transmission of RF waves and interacts with each other to perform data transmission. For several additional tags loaded, you can apply the pre-read reader method or tag pre-issue.

In order to maintain multiple tags and read another article without contradictions, the reader first sends an independent command to a group of tags, so that the reader is protected within the scope of several electronic device tags, and finally only saves one tag in the activated state Create conflict-free communication. For the pre-sale method of labels, the labels are arbitrarily and constantly pushing their own label covers. Different labels can be properly loaded by readers, and different labels can be loaded separately at different times. For all electronic device labels, there is often a unique ID number. In most program operations, the data information characteristics of the label are applied by a background map database query. The socket between the reader and the software system is expressed by the canonical function enabled by the development environment. The role includes the following multiple levels: the software system must push the deployment instructions and other commands to the reader based on; the reader returns to the current deployment situation of the software system and the results of the implementation of various commands.

2. Work process flow

Each vehicle entering the prison must be accompanied by an identity document (including a personnel card and a vehicle card)-rf label, which includes a distinctive real identity code and customer-specific information, the reader (reader) can be in a certain Read articles within the gap. According to the technical dynamic detection system of radio frequency identification technology, it can additionally track and resolve several general target objects with radio frequency tags within a certain range, without touching, high speed and accurate parallel plane, if it enters the area The radio frequency identification technology tag (generally packaged as a card, also called a radio frequency card) is placed on the vehicle. When the vehicle enters the reader's reasonable loading category, the reader will automatically load the ld number of the RFID tag owned by the vehicle. Then transfer the label to the background system to solve it.

4. Feasibility plan

After a detailed introduction, it can be said that the safety hazards have been dealt with at a fairly large level, able to reasonably distinguish, monitor and accurately locate the vehicle, so that the protection system embodies personalization, informationization and aspect ratio automation technology, maintaining In addition to the overall goal of the digital community, the production and manufacturing of RFIDid cards are low-cost and the project investment is low. Therefore, the key technology and the regional protection system are feasible.

V. Residential RFID technology, detailed design of protection system

The basic elements of RFID technology in the personnel precise positioning management method include:

(1) Distinguish: there are several or vehicles at all times or all addresses can be distinguished completely;

(2) Record: All vehicles entering the area can be recorded in the database query in the area anytime and anywhere;

(3) Precise positioning: The district monitoring station can remotely control and detect vehicles entering the district; query a series of information, such as the arrival / consideration time and total waiting time of personnel vehicles at all addresses, which can promote and execute key inspection personnel on time And on-time data processing and resolution.

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