RFID Intelligent Library Management 2017-10-02
Meihe company independent research and development of RFID campus library management system, integrated RFID technology, SMS notification management, multi-library joint management, book burglar alarm, RFID reader management, RFID book tracking, department class and student loan statistics report Wait. RFID campus library management system is a library management software and RFID equipment, two-dimensional code and bar code scanning guns, sound and light alarm, security doors and other hardware and software integration of the new library management system, with a wealth of hardware interface and flexible software Customization function, effectively meet the university library, primary and secondary schools and large library library personalized needs, to fill the general library management software market gaps. Reader RFID card issuer Multi-library management, the main hall and branch management Students to library books and books, only need to scan readers RFID tags and books RFID tags, you can complete the book borrow, return Library RFID anti-theft hardware and software integration, so that intelligent anti-theft, there are unusual books out of the library, there will be a sound alarm, abnormal books can query, Sign and bind with RFID tags with globally unique ID ID, give each book a unique SN, lay the foundation for intelligent book management RFID campus library management system to support all kinds of customized statistical reports, rich types of statements. 1. According to the classification of books according to the classification of the classification of the number of books 2. According to the registration date statistics, the number of readers registered in each year 3. [by language] the classification of the book language 4. [by class statistics] class borrow the sum of the number 5. Report example: Statistics of a class to borrow the number as long as the drag up the class can be completed, but also publishers, libraries, etc., Very powerful according to their needs to their own combination Library management platform SMS configuration address is as follows The time of the holiday is defaulted to 0 (does not turn on = off SMS function) nonzero even if X minutes rounds off once, no longer send after sending Library management software automatically send SMS notification content Rich software customization and LOGO customization, the library LOGO or partner company LOGO put up to provide a strong RFID library management software customized services, welcomed the broad system integrators, hardware and software agents to discuss cooperation, a total of Innovative market for library management software market!

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