RFID laundry management system 2019-06-19
The establishment of the RFID laundry management system is intended to help manage the processes of handover, inventory, washing, ironing, folding, sorting, storage, etc. in the washing work; tracking the washing process of each garment to be managed by the characteristics of the laundry label of RFID technology, Record the number of washings, washing parameters and expand the extended application.

At present, the counting and recording of the washing industry relies entirely on labor. One is that the labor cost is high, and the data and the user's side are different, causing unnecessary losses or disputes; for example, the sewage recycling in each ward of the hospital is rather messy. And when it is returned, it also needs manpower sorting, which increases the manpower input of the resident office. Through the introduction of RFID technology, RFID tags can be automatically read by RFID devices, which can realize batch inventory, washing tracking, automatic sorting and other functions to improve laundry management to provide more advanced and controllable services for hospitals and increase the market competitiveness of washing enterprises.

The introduction of RFID radio frequency identification technology will make the user's laundry management more transparent, improve the work efficiency, and solve the management problems that cannot be realized by other technologies in the past, such as: large-scale statistics of the cloth to be washed, Handover.

The solution is to sew a button-like (or label-like) electronic label on each piece of cloth. The electronic label has a global unique identification code, that is, each piece of cloth will have a unique management mark until the linen It is scrapped (the label can be reused, but does not exceed the life of the label itself). In the entire cloth use and washing management, the use state and the number of washings of the cloth will be automatically recorded by the RFID reader. Supports batch reading of labels during washing and handover, making the task of washing tasks simple and transparent, reducing business disputes. At the same time, by tracking the number of washings, the user can estimate the current life of the linen and provide forecast data for the procurement plan.

Main components of the system

· RFID electronic label

· RFID tag card issuer

· RFID fixed reader

· RFID handheld reader

· RFID tunnel inventory system

· RFID on-site paint bucket (optional)

· VANCH RFID middleware

· VANCH RFID Laundry Management System

  System functions

Product identification: Each piece of clothing is identified by sewing a buttoned RFID electronic tag on each piece of laundry that needs to be managed. The RFID smart tag chip has a global unique ID number, and has a user area for writing data, and can write specific attributes of the clothes in the tag, such as the owner of the clothes, the life of the clothes, the number of washings of the clothes, the model of the clothes, etc. Wait.

Automatic inventory: divided into incoming goods inventory and physical inventory, accurate number of handovers each time, for packaging dirt, can be packaged through RFID tunnel reading equipment, accurate inventory, accuracy rate of up to 100%, the data is objective and scientific, can Used to check the number of handovers with the user. At the same time, the clean clothing that is ready to be returned to the user is also confirmed by the RFID tunnel reading device and lists.

Automatic sorting: At present, enterprises and users manually transfer clothes. Therefore, the uniqueness of RFID tags can be used to sort clean clothes in the washing plant area, sorting directly to the smallest user unit and packing the list, which saves labor. Sorting time, reducing staff work.

Washing times record: Due to the characteristics of the RFID tag, the number of washings of the clothes can be recorded, the life of the clothes is predicted, the clothing inventory is reasonably controlled, and the user is provided with a more scientific service.

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