RFID library management system 2019-11-21
System construction

The core of the system is the use of RFID electronic tag technology to achieve automatic data collection, combined with database and software management system to achieve library self-service borrowing, book inventory, book shelves, book retrieval, book theft, lending certificate management, library card issuance, collection Information statistics and other functions. Based on RFID technology, the system realizes the combination of advanced RFID technology and book management method with RFID middleware as the medium, which provides a very effective technical means for library management, and will be advanced RFID technology, database technology, and books. The management system is organically combined to provide readers with more convenient and efficient services such as books, books, books, and other services. At the same time, the dual information of reader information and borrowed books is recorded, and the unified management of the entire information process is realized.

System implementation function

The RFID intelligent library management system includes:

Book admission system Enter the new library information into the RFID tag, paste it on each book, and transfer the information such as the book information storage location to the back-end management database. RFID tags have a longer life than regular bar codes and magnetic strips.

The position management system is used by librarians to put books on books and organize misplaced books, and to check the storage of books, which can reduce the workload of administrators and effectively improve work efficiency.

Self-service library card handling system

Self-service renewing system For network operation, readers can self-check the status of books in the library, storage location, etc. on any computer with network, and can renew the books.

Self-service borrowing and returning book system Readers self-help borrowing and returning books function, reducing the workload of administrators, improving library service grades, etc.

The security door system automatically reads the loan of the book and effectively prevents the book from being stolen.

  use equipment

Book electronic label, RFID tablet:

Shelf label:

Handheld, detection channel equipment:

Self-service borrowing and returning equipment:

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