RFID PVC Medical ID Bracelet and Vinyl Wristbands for Hospitals or Hospital Newborn Baby Identification


1. RFID for hospital 

2. Soft PVC material, comfortable to wear 

3. Adjustable size, one size fits all wristband 

4. Water-proof material, can work in moisture or humid environment 

5. Customizable with various shape, color and size 

6. Can be equipped with LH, HF, UFH chip 

7. Single time use, can only be cut off when want to move it off from wristband

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    RFID PVC Medical ID Bracelet and Vinyl Wristbands for Hospit
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    Shenzhen, China
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product details
Products Description

Parameters of the Products
TK4100 / EM4200 / FM11RF08 / MIFARE S50/ Customized
Air Interface Protocol
EPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)
EPC 96-480 bit, User 512 bit, TID 32 bit
Max Read Distance
50 mm / Customized
Antenna Material
Antenna Size
13*21 mm? (MIND has more than 50 types of different antenna mold for options)
Inlay size
13*21 mm?
Tag Materials
Logo, Serial number or Code
Attachment Method
General Purpose Adhesive or enclose coated PVC
Operating Temp
Storage Temperature
Single day or several days' festival tickets / Party or wedding ID tag / Amusement park admission ticket / Trampoline park ticketing

RFID Vinyl  & PVC Wristband

Our Wide-Face wristbands are based on the original hospital wristbands and have a wide face that is ideal for printing on.Like our other vinyl and plastic wristbands,they feature a snap lock that cannot be removed once applied.It is very convenient for hospital staff to identify each patient, and arrange treatment schedule correctly.And this model wristband is with adjustable size, there is no need to customize size for different ages of people, it fits most people's wrist size.

Disposable 13.56Mhz RFID PVC Wristband For Hospital

 RFID PVC Disposable Wristband


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