Rfid Thermal Roll Jewelry Barcode Printable Tag

Jewelry Tags:with the special nature of the material, with waterproof, scratch, wear and other characteristics, widely used in jewelry display, improve product quality, but also for watches and clocks, glasses and other industries.

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    Rfid Thermal Roll Jewelry Barcode Printable Tag
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Product Name:Rfid Thermal Roll Jewelry Barcode Printable Tag

Jewelry label is divided into two kinds of materials in general: white film and silver, mainly reflected in the white and silver, for LOGO standard can be printed or bronzing / silver way to deal with. 

RFID private label for jewelry

1.Frequency: 860-960Mhz/13.56Mhz
2.Standard/Protocol: ISO18000-6C/1443A
3.Chip type: Alien H3/FM1108(Customized)
4.Memory: TID 64bit
5.Reading range:1-20CM(relates with the chip,reader and working environment)
6.Dimension:106*15mm/Folded size 53*13mm(customized)
7.Surface material:Pearl paper/Coated Paper/PET
8.Printing craft:Silkscreen printing,Rotary printing,Offest printing 
9.Date retention time: 10 years
10.Reading/Writing endurance:100.000 times
11.Operating temperature:-20 ℃~+65 ℃

Different Types
According to the coating area, there are two main categories:
First: the whole plastic, it is divided up and down fold and left and right fold, style and size of some difference.
Second: no glue area, it is divided on the side with a stick and the right with a bar, a wide range of styles.
According to the label material, can be divided into four categories:
First: copper + transparent PET;
Second: copper + pearl Asian silver;
Third: copper + pearl PET
Fourth: bright white PET
According to the label tied to the way, can be divided into three categories:
Second: no holes;
Third: with a stick

RFID Barcode Jewelry lable

RFID Barcode Jewelry lable


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