RFID ticket management system 2020-01-17
Ticket management system structure

Using RFID technology to prevent ticket counterfeiting, not only does it no longer need to be identified manually, and can quickly pass through the personnel, but also can identify the number of times the ticket is used to prevent the ticket from being stolen and reused.

RFID ticket management system

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of the RFID venue ticket anti-counterfeiting system

The system is composed of three parts: back-end database, ticket terminal and ticket reader. Each part is connected through a network system.

Background database is responsible for storing anti-counterfeiting information such as ticket holder information sent by ticket sales terminals

票 The ticketing terminal writes the relevant information of the ticket buyer into the electronic tag attached to the ticket through the label printer, and uploads the information recorded in the label to the system database at the same time

的 The reader installed at the entrance of the venue is responsible for collecting the electronic tag information in the ticket and comparing it with the information recorded in the background database to complete the verification process

Bill management system business process

RFID ticket management system

Figure 2 Bill anti-counterfeiting business process

RFID ticket anti-counterfeiting process:

Information binding: RFID anti-counterfeit bills can be made by RFID label printers. Each ticket has a unique, unchangeable ID number.

Ticket sales: When the ticket is sold, information such as the name of the holder of the ticket, the number of the certificate, the validity period and the number of valid times of the ticket can be written in the RFID anti-counterfeit ticket, which can be determined according to specific needs. The system database will add the ID number of the sold bill to the list of legal bills as a basis for inspection.

Check the ticket: When it is necessary to verify the identity of the ticket holder in real time (such as an airport), the authenticity check of the ticket is similar to the authenticity check of the certificate, that is, the information in the ticket is read by a reader, and the background database Retrieve relevant information, and compare with the holders of the bills and bills.

RFID ticket management system

Figure 3 Ticket check, check, and check flow chart

Real-time monitoring and data analysis: After the ticket checking is completed, the RFID ticket checking device can upload the ticket checking information (including the ticket ticket information, check-in time, etc.) to the server in real time, and the data monitoring and analysis running on the server The software summarizes and analyzes the uploaded information. The server can monitor the ticket checking situation in real time.

For places that do not need to verify the identity of the bill holder, the inspection of the authenticity of the bill can be achieved through open access control. The ticket holder walks to the entrance and does not need to take out the ticket. As long as the ticket is within the range of the reader, the system can determine the authenticity and validity of the ticket, and activate the alarm device based on the validity of the ticket, or open or close the electronic door at the entrance. .

Bill Management System Business Functions

Ticket recognition: basic function, ticket recognition through RFID reader

Audience tracking, positioning and querying: Authorize electronic tickets to limit the scope of audience access in various areas of the venue. When the audience enters an area, the reader will report the obtained information to the management system. Staff can query and locate

Security control in key areas: Collect and analyze the access information of key areas to analyze the situation, time, and frequency of personnel entering the area, and determine the security situation in the area.

Analysis of regional data: Analyze the type of personnel, flow rate, flow time, and regularity in the area, and determine whether the area is caused by unsafe factors such as excessive concentration of personnel1, and then make additional staff or start other channels for evacuation

Patrol management: It can cooperate with patrol management equipment to realize real-time monitoring of security personnel's patrolling in various areas of the venue through ticket card authorization, data reading, and query.

  System Features

RFID anti-counterfeit bills can be made by RFID label printer. Each ticket has a unique, unchangeable ID number.

The system can monitor the ticket checking situation in real time, and all data can be summarized and analyzed through analysis tools.

When the ticket is sold, the ID number of the sold ticket will be added to the list of legal tickets in the system database as a basis for inspection. In the RFID anti-counterfeit bill, information such as the name of the bill holder, the certificate number, the validity period and the number of valid bills can be written according to specific needs.

It is suitable for ticketing occasions with a large number of people. By writing the number of uses in the tag, you can achieve "counter-counterfeiting prevention".

优势 Advantage of bill management system

的 The advantages of RFID ticket anti-counterfeiting system are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

高 High security: The core of the electronic tag (RFID) is an integrated circuit chip with high security. Its security design and manufacturing determine the high threshold of RFID technology and it is not easy to imitate. The electronic tag has a unique ID number, UID, which is fixed in the chip and cannot be modified or counterfeited; there is no mechanical wear and tear, and anti-fouling; in addition to the password protection of the electronic tag, the data part can be managed securely with encryption algorithms; read-write equipment There is a mutual authentication process with the label.

Improve ticket checking efficiency: In terms of ticket anti-counterfeiting, using RFID electronic tickets instead of traditional manual tickets can also greatly improve ticket checking efficiency. In large occasions such as large sports events and performances, RFID technology is used to prevent ticket counterfeiting. Manual identification is required to enable rapid passage of personnel.

Prevent reuse: Record the number of times the tickets are entered and exited to prevent the tickets from being stolen and reused.

Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring of the status changes during the use of each RFID ticket.

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