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At present, parking lots rely on manual management. When vehicles enter and exit, they need to manually control the automatic retractable door. Whenever there are foreign vehicles entering and exiting, the administrator can only register one by one, which is very time-consuming and laborious, and there will inevitably be artificial When it's wrong. It is no longer sufficient to rely on traditional vehicle monitoring and management to ensure timely and effective recording of vehicles entering and leaving. In this regard, we use RFID wireless radio frequency technology to manage the vehicle. This system allows the guards to monitor the vehicle in real time, saving the time of vehicle entry and exit, and greatly reducing the management work intensity.

RFID intelligent parking lot management system, RFID access control
Long-distance radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is the most advanced fourth-generation automatic identification technology in the world, and it has just begun to emerge in recent years and has been rapidly promoted and applied. It has the characteristics of long recognition distance, high recognition accuracy, fast recognition speed, strong anti-interference ability, long service life, penetrating non-metallic materials, etc., and has a wide range of applications.

The RFID intelligent parking lot management system not only retains all the functions of the traditional parking lot management system, but also relies on the original charging media to improve the management media. When the vehicle enters the parking lot, the system automatically captures the vehicle image, which is processed by the computer to obtain the vehicle model, license plate, and color information, and stores these information in the database together with the unique correspondence of the user card. When the vehicle leaves the parking lot, the user card, license plate number or vehicle image and other related indicators can only be released.

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2. RFID smart parking system

1. The performance characteristics are as follows:
1.1 Adopting radio frequency identification technology and computer control, with high degree of automation and accurate control.

1.2 Adopt long-distance intelligent identification label technology, with good anti-counterfeiting performance. The parked vehicle has a tag card with a unique serial number, which cannot be changed. Multiple encryption technology, only one identification, can not be copied. And only the system is issued and approved.
1.3 When the non-contact smart tag card is used, there is no mechanical contact action, long-distance induction communication, no directionality, the card can be read within the long-distance reading range of the reader, and the card reading operation can be completed while the vehicle is not stopping. , It is convenient for users to use.
1.4 The barrier automatically raises and lowers according to the traffic situation of the vehicle, and has the function of anti-smashing.
1.5 The parking fee is calculated and confirmed by the computer.
1.6 The method of combining computer network and charging software prevents illegal modification and unauthorized access to information.
1.7 The management computer and each charging computer can realize real-time communication, and the management computer has an external interface, and the network is extensible.
1.8 Adopt standard industrial control system structure, which can organize the configuration of different systems according to different requirements of users, which is convenient and flexible.
1.9 Installation, debugging and maintenance are simple and convenient, easy to replace and overhaul.
1.10 The entire system has stable performance and reliable use.
RFID smart parking lot management system

2. Principle of RFID smart parking lot management system
The long-distance parking lot management system attaches the label that identifies the vehicle to the windshield glass of the car, encodes the vehicle identification information, and aligns the label to make it consistent with the system. When a car with a tag enters the reading area, the reading head emits a radio frequency signal to it, and part of the signal received by the tag adjustment is reflected back to the reader, and the reader then reflects the identification code contained in the reflected signal to the code reader to read the code The device decomposes the identification password from the signal, confirms the password according to the standard determined by the user, and transmits the password to the main computer or other data recording equipment.
When the vehicle arrives at the exit, the system automatically recognizes the card number by reading the information of the RFID card, and retrieves the corresponding vehicle record through the information in the internal database, so that the interface displays the user type, license plate number, vehicle photo and other information. In order for employees to check and verify, once an illegal user appears, the system will generate an alarm.
RFID smart parking lot management system, RFID vehicle management

3. Composition of RFID smart parking lot management system
At present, it is mainly used for parking lots with fixed users as the main and temporary users. It can be used in nested networks to form a powerful parking lot management system. It is mainly composed of UHF RFID remote card readers and UHF RFID remote readers. Distance reading and writing antenna, UHF RFID tags, integrated barriers, entrance UHF RFID card issuing machine, exit toll machine, network remaining parking space display, network voice intercom, toll display, voice prompt, vehicle dedicated network camera, It is composed of parking lot management software and guard box charging software.
The following is an introduction to the main parts of the system:
3.1 Entrance control part: integrated barriers, vehicle detectors, long-distance RFID read-write antennas, UHF RFID long-distance card readers, entrance UHF RFID card issuers, and LED external display screens for remaining parking spaces.
3.2 Export control part: integrated barriers, vehicle detectors, long-distance RFID read-write antennas, UHF RFID long-distance card readers, and export toll collection machines.
3.3 Management center: computer host, parking lot management software, RFID desktop card issuer, etc.
3.4 Sentry box center: computer host, sentry box charging software, RFID desktop card issuer, network voice intercom, thermal piaoju printer.
3.5 Image capture system: dedicated network camera for parking lot.
RFID intelligent parking lot management system. RFID vehicle management

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