Scenic Area Intelligent Management System Solution 2018-05-25
With the rapid development of tourism, there have been many problems such as large passenger flow, complicated personnel, difficulty in decentralized management of facilities, poor information between management departments, and many hidden dangers in tourist areas. Therefore, it is imperative to make full use of the information technology of the Internet of Things to advance the informationization and management of the tourism industry.
To improve the management of the interior of the Park Pavilion area in view of the characteristics of the park Pavilion area and other areas, park Pavilion District provides accurate, efficient and real-time management and monitoring methods to enhance the service quality of the park Pavilion area.
Scenic Area Intelligent Management System Solution
1. Entrance ticket management
E-ticket: RFID electronic double-frequency ticket is used as a ticket for tourists in the tour area. Each ticket is accompanied by a high-frequency RFID and active RFID chip identification card to store identity information.

Incoming ticketing: In the absence of people at the scene, traffic personnel access the channel according to their authority and are fully intelligentized.
Ticket Examiner: In Jingyuanguan District and other tour areas, ticket inspectors use hand-held ticket inspection machines to conduct spot checks on tourists. Without the need for tourists to cooperate, they can read electronic books at a long distance with a reading head on a ticket inspection machine. The information in the tag is matched against the picture of the ticket buyer displayed on the handheld ticket inspection machine.
Recycling: Set up the recovery box beside the exit passage. After the staff conducts the electronic consumer settlement, the electronic ticket will be put into the box, and after being disinfected by ultraviolet rays, it can be put back into use.
Electronic payment: Tickets support recharging, which can be used for catering, shopping, etc., in the area, avoiding the inconvenience of carrying wallets at all times, and reducing the amount of cash that the on-site sellers have to offer in order to change the value of the money, but also to the tourists. It's a lot easier.
2. Staff Management
Due to the characteristics of large area, many attractions, numerous people, and complicated supervision, Jingyuan Hall area covers the entire supervision area through effective access to entrances, exits, scenic spots, roads, and some necessary areas to install base stations in the supervision area. The following basic functions:
Personnel positioning: real-time understanding of the exact location of each visitor and staff in the management area;
Staff statistics: managers can keep track of the number of tourists and staff at a certain point in time;
Personnel activity route management: Real-time monitoring and historical query of personnel activities;
Staff Attendance Management: Real-time understanding of staff arrivals, fixed personnel off the job.
Visitors are separated and searched: In crowded public places, using RFID technology, the General Control Center can track and at any time inquire about the specific location information of each tourist.
Visitor Density Management: When the density of people in certain scenic spots is too high, the system will automatically remind staff to guide and achieve a balanced distribution of visitors.
Security rescue emergency treatment: In the event of a sudden rescue incident, when a fire or power outage occurs in a building or outdoor area, and the visitor urgently calls for help, the control center assigns the nearest employee to carry the RFID handheld device for on-site rescue at the first time. jobs.
3. Vehicle Management
Realize vehicle real-time location management and information statistics, tracking of vehicle travel route, operation vehicle detailed information display and maintenance time reminding, operation management of vehicle and driver, attendance management and statistics of operating vehicle personnel, number of vehicle entrance and exit, time inquiry, operation Command and dispatch management of vehicle departure/return, and parking space allowance statistics in the management area.

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