Since 2018, Russia will enforce the implementation of RFID tag management of footwear products 2017-09-25
September 6, the reporter from Jiangsu Suzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Technical Trade Measures Advisory Center was informed that the Russian government has recently forced the domestic footwear industry since 2018, sold in Russia, all kinds of footwear must be accompanied by radio frequency identification Technology (RFID) label. RFID tags record complete information on footwear, including origin, manufacturer and importer details, and final retailer. This is aimed at banning the sale of smuggled and illegally imported footwear.

In fact, the Russian fur electronic identification system reference to the United States, Italy, Britain, Belarus and other countries related to electronic identification system. Moreover, on May 28, 2015, the Eurasian Economic Commission Board of Directors signed a decree, agreed to the implementation of electronic products on the logo.

Russia has been mandated since April 2016 that the fur coat of the domestic market must be accompanied by RFID tags, including wholesale and retail distribution levels, and members of the Eurasian Economic Union (including, in addition to Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) has also implemented the same measures. From August 12, 2016, non-artificial fur garments that have not been affixed with electronic labels are prohibited from purchasing, storing, using, transporting and selling in the Union. This will hit the "gray" imports of fur garments. According to experts estimate that the current Eurasian economic alliance in the national market, 70% -85% of the fur clothing did not pay customs duties and smuggling of imports, or in the territory of the underground factory production, did not pay the corresponding domestic tax.

Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade is responsible for the regulation of the introduction of RFID technology in the fur industry, that the measures are very effective, not only to ensure that the national fur industry legitimate business, but also for the first time the real scale of the industry show. According to the information provided by the Department, the Russian fur coat with an average annual sales of about 400,000, while the 2016 fur manufacturers and traders ordered the number of labels up to 6 million.

Almost certainly, the label used by the footwear industry should be slightly different from the fur industry. Fur products are expensive, the cost of each label about 0.7 US dollars, the fur industry is negligible. However, the price per pair of shoes can be as low as 3 to 5 dollars, such as cheap summer sandals, therefore, the cost of the label on the footwear industry is indeed a heavy burden.

Overall, most of the major footwear companies in Russia, including Kari, Zenden, ObuvRossii, RalfRinger and Econika, welcome this new initiative to create a level playing field for all retailers. However, they are concerned about the additional costs associated with measures, particularly in upgrading information technology systems and hiring additional staff.

January 1, 2018, the sale of footwear products without RFID tags will be fined, so many retailers may catch the law before the implementation of this fall at low prices to sell these stocks. To the fur industry, for example, Russia's fur product prices in the implementation of mandatory labeling measures have twice before the crash.

As for the footwear industry, the Russian government suggested that all footwear regardless of the cost, all applicable to RFID tag requirements. However, some practitioners believe that the provisions of the provisions if only apply to expensive shoes will be more fair, but most large footwear companies believe that this may be a loophole, so that dishonest retailers, importers and distributors can take The

To this end, inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant export enterprises, pay close attention to this provision, seize the opportunity to timely and trade countries and enterprises to obtain contact, in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the Russian government to control product quality, trade initiative.

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