UK Greeting Card Company Introduces RFID to Improve Inventory Management Efficiency and Sales Volume 2023-11-09

Riverside Greetings, a greeting card solutions provider, created an automated inventory and category management system that combines artificial intelligence with RFID technology to analyze and improve greeting card category performance while increasing the productivity and effectiveness of its sales services.

The value of RFID in the retail field mainly includes the following four aspects:

Value 1: Accelerate supply chain turnover efficiency

The supply chains of big brands of shoes, clothing and shopping malls are spread all over the world, and they are fast-moving consumer goods with high consumption. The use of UHF RFID tags can help enterprises realize the visualization of the supply chain and speed up the efficiency of warehousing and inventory.

Value 2: Reduce labor costs
The high efficiency of UHF tags can help companies save labor costs in two aspects. The first is in the warehousing link, whether it is in transit warehousing or inventory inventory in store warehouses. Without RFID tags, a lot of manpower will be consumed, and also It is easy to make mistakes, but after using UHF RFID tag, only a small number of people are needed to achieve quick inventory.

The second link is the checkout link. In traditional stores, each store requires a separate person to check at the checkout counter. The number of people varies according to the size of the store and the number of customers. After using UHF RFID, consumers can realize self-service checkout.

Value 3: Brand protection
Brand protection is a very practical need in the field of footwear and clothing retail, especially in the domestic market, where e-commerce sales channels are prevalent. Stores that purchase goods online will promise to return them without reason within 7 days. This will cause a problem. Sometimes the products are genuine products of your own brand, but the returned products may be "copycat" products, so using RFID labels can protect the brand.

In addition to big brands, many domestic small and medium-sized brands that ship through e-commerce channels are also actively adopting UHF RFID technology due to this demand.

Value 4: Add new business models and expand new business possibilities
RFID tags can realize the visualization of sales data, allow manufacturers to make quick decisions based on market preferences, invest more resources in producing products that consumers love, allow manufacturers to achieve flexible production, and through the Internet of clothes, they can provide consumers with Recommend products that readers like or better match, further stimulating consumer demand.

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