VIP card overview 2015-08-26
VIP card overview

VIP card: also known as VIP card, generally printed on the word VIP, on behalf of a distinguished guest. Services provided by the back of the card. According to the material provided by the customer, it can also be designed by the customer, the thickness from 0.35mm to 0.76mm, can also be made of other thickness. The standard size is 85.5mm * 54mm, rounded, and can be made into other dimensions. VIP cards can be printed on one side or two sides, using silk screen or offset printing (CMYK) printing method. Can be sprayed on every piece of VIP card for a different number, pin code or text, plus sign or tablet (hand writing area); according to the requirements of customers with low density and high density magnetic stripe (third rail magnetic stripe); can play convex code, convex code can or bronzing hot silver, can also play a round hole, hole strip, and various types of bar code, number can according to the arrangement of the order, can also play as a personalized, no rules number. VIP cards can be made into square, round, and any other irregular shapes.

1) Standard VIP card size

This VIP card size is the international standard, bank credit cards, debit cards, etc. are all the reference to the size of the VIP card, and the production of VIP cards, the machine is also in accordance with the size of the VIP card to design, so the standard VIP card size use is very wide, all use VIP card is the size of the VIP card. Standard VIP card size advantage lies in the equipment for making the VIP card is designed according to the VIP card, so the production cost with artificially reduce costs will be to reduce.

2)Non standard VIP card size

Specification: all the other dimensions except 85.5*54 are known as non - standard VIP cards

This VIP card size, shape, size are not limited, businesses can according to their own likes to design, manufacture into a clothes, a key, a piece of leaves, a group of flame, a pair of shoes and other shapes can be used for young customers, because this kind of customer acceptance of new things, the pursuit of personality, unique psychological, business production of this VIP card size can get the same sense of customers.

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