Waterproof Soft PVC RFID Wristband With Low Frequency 125Khz Chip

RFID soft PVC wristband can be widely applied in swimming pool, theme park, marathon, hospital management, membership management and loyalty program and access control management etc. Besides, Nexqo provides programming and encoding services which exactly fit customer’s programming or encoding requirements.

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    Soft PVC RFID Wristband Low Frequency
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Waterproof Soft PVC RFID Wristband With Low Frequency 125Khz Chip

Product Description

Frequency:LF(125KHz), HF(13.56MHz), UHF(860~960MHz)

Material: Soft PVC

Color: blue,red,white,black,green,yellow,gray,pink or customized

Chips available: UHF:Alien H3/H4,Monza 4/5,UCODE 7, etc.

                                      HF:Ntag213, Ntag216, MF Classic 1K, MF Classic 4K, MF Ultralight, I-CODE2, F08, etc.

                                      LF:TK4100,EM4200,T5577,Hitag-S256, etc.

Printing: Silk-screen printing with logo/ Ink-jet printing or Thermal transfer printing or Laser process of Serial Number /Chip encoding/Laser Logo.

Working Temperature: -30 º – 75 ºC

Writing Cycle: 100,000 times

Warranty: 1Year

Soft PVC Wristband With RFID Chip Inside

Main Features

Soft, flexible, convenience wearing. Waterproof,

quakeproof, and high temperature resistant.

RFID Soft PVC Wristband High Frequency


Public transportation ( Metro card, Bus IC card etc.)

Access management

Event ticketing


Security and Identification


Amusement Parks



RFID Soft PVC Wristband Application


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If you have any questions or requirements,please leave us a message,we will reply you in 1 hours during our working time. Contact us for free samples and free suggestions.