Wisdom Campus RFID Application Program 2017-11-02
Wisdom campus networking application is a subset of the wisdom of the campus application, mainly focused on students to wear e-student card as the core of the formation of campus safety, health, management and other applications.
Zhuojin communication wisdom campus campus networking solutions cover the following applications as the campus needs: ● intelligent attendance: school, dormitory and other long-distance batch attendance, walking time real-time attendance.
● regional positioning: in the channel, library, gymnasium and other regions to deploy RFID reading equipment, to achieve regional personnel positioning and track query.
● Smart card: covers the access control, consumption, visiting, library management and other campus card application
● asset management: for school computers, projectors and other IT assets management, to achieve rapid inventory, access monitoring
Program characteristics
Provide serialized RFID tag products
Provide high quality products
Continuous research and development to provide intelligent campus products
User experience key
● Recognition accuracy: the accuracy of batch identification, the accuracy of access to determine the accuracy
● Electronic tag battery life: customer costs
● Product stability: a key factor in maintenance costs
● Construction convenience: the key factor in construction costs
Technical selection

Application overview

Intelligent attendance
Do not change the door environment, do not change the way students behave, no perception to achieve access to the school gate, out of the dormitory, take class attendance, batch identification, high accuracy rate.
Program details >> Campus RFID remote attendance application program
Regional positioning
Through the campus deployment RFID reader equipment, to achieve the track trajectory of students.
Smart card
Use the same card or watch, to achieve only from the access control, attendance, consumption, book borrowing and other card functions.
Program details >> Campus card application program
asset Management
Campus IT assets, inventory cycle is long, the use of RFID tags to achieve rapid inventory, important IT assets, you can use existing staff to manage RFID identification equipment, to achieve access control and fast inventory.
Program details >> Campus RFID asset management application program
Movement monitoring
Using the watch, heart rate measurement of the watch, configure the campus RFID equipment, to achieve the pace, heart rate and other health data collection and cloud presentation, combined with sports measurement equipment to achieve the student movement of large data collection and mining, to promote student sports Enthusiasm.
Program details >> Campus RFID motion monitoring application program
Physical monitoring
The use of physical measurement equipment, with RFID identification of transmission equipment to achieve the rapid collection of students' physical data and sports show, for students to large physical data mining and analysis to provide means of collection.
Home school interaction
Through WeChat or app, to achieve with parents, teachers, education and management personnel safety, life, health, sports data interaction and large data analysis.

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