Xingtai official launch of the traffic IC card can be used in more than 40 cities in China 2016-11-16

October 24th, Xingtai City official launch of the traffic smart RFID card. At present, all bus lines in the urban areas, all or part of the bus lines in Shijiazhuang, Cangzhou, Baoding, Langfang, Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Handan, Hengshui, Qinhuangdao, and Beijing 139 bus lines, the Tianjin Binhai bus, Wuqing bus lines can be a cartoon to traffic RFID card.

Reporters knew that the traffic RFID card theme selection positive traffic industry iconic blue, the back of the card for a statue of Guo Shoujing and the observatory, card front right corner labeled "traffic sign". It is reported that Xingtai can use the transportation RFID card all the vehicles with "the car can use the" Tianjin exchange card "sign.

As of May,2015, a total of 196 cities to submit a key application for traffic RFID card, 174 cities received formal approval. Among them, Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, more than 40 cities have been initially realized interconnection. Before the end of October, the province's 11 urban land transit will achieve interoperability across the board. Have joined the interconnection of the city, when people travel as long as they carry a traffic smart RFID card, you can use in different cities.

The reporter learned that, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of transport planning, traffic smart RFID card must be implemented in the future subway, taxi, public bicycles and other transportation sectors, and will further expand the application of catering, entertainment, shopping, travel, accommodation, high-speed ETC, public service payment and other interdisciplinary, multi industry, truly a smart RFID card, a multi-purpose smart RFID card.

Xingtai city bus company responsible person said that the ultimate goal of traffic smart RFID card is public transportation and consumption of one smart RFID card payment". In addition to take the bus, the smart RFID card will also have a small payment function, can be in the province around the city shopping malls supermarkets, gas stations, tourist attractions and many other well-known cooperative smart businesses RFID card consumption and enjoy preferential discount.

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