• Fiji Airways uses RFID technology to improve emergency equipment management
    Fiji Airways uses RFID technology to improve emergency equipment management 2017-10-12
    Fiji Airways will use RFID technology to help faster, more efficient emergency equipment inspections within 15 aircraft. The company has installed RFID systems on its more than 4,000 emergency devices this year, reducing inspection time to a few minutes. Marco Andreacchio, senior project manager for EAM RFID Solutions, said the system will not only help inspectors increase speed, reduce errors, bu...
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  • RFID garment factory intelligent management solution
    RFID garment factory intelligent management solution 2017-10-09
    China is a manufacturing power country, each manufacturing industry is a flames, the garment industry is no exception. How the garment factory in the sea of fire to survive and development, is bound to use advanced technology, advanced management concepts to produce. At present, most of the small and medium-sized garment factory is the use of bar code management, each piece of clothing has its own...
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  • RFID world,why Bluetooth?
    RFID world,why Bluetooth? 2017-10-03
    "With the further development of bluetooth, SIG wants to go beyond the previous audio programme, which aims to achieve more automation, including building, industry and commerce. First, bluetooth is point-to-point, point-to-multiple connections, multicast channels, and the latest mesh network. SIG ADAPTS to their application by modifying current specifications according to specific manufacturer's ...
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  • RFID Intelligent Library Management
    RFID Intelligent Library Management 2017-10-02
    Meihe company independent research and development of RFID campus library management system, integrated RFID technology, SMS notification management, multi-library joint management, book burglar alarm, RFID reader management, RFID book tracking, department class and student loan statistics report Wait. RFID campus library management system is a library management software and RFID equipment, two-d...
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  • Happy National Day, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
    Happy National Day, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2017-09-30
    Hello friends Thanks for your support all the time.Our company will have holidays from 1st Oct to 8th Oct as the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival are coming together.So our office will closed during this time,but our sevice will never closed,we can keep contact and all sales will reply to your questions and emails during our holidays.Welcome to send emails and calls,dear friends.Thanks. Mid-Au...
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  • The Application of RFID Technology in Cross - border E - commerce Logistics
    The Application of RFID Technology in Cross - border E - commerce Logistics 2017-09-30
    E-commerce is developed in recent years, a new type of business activities, it is divided into Internet e-commerce and mobile e-commerce. And RFID technology is a mature in a communication and labeling technology, the industry has recently been widespread concern. Such as RFID technology and mobile e-commerce technology can be combined to provide a new business to achieve the model, once the conce...
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  • RFID technology helps the management of the medical industry
    RFID technology helps the management of the medical industry 2017-09-29
    Does the medical industry need RFID technology? The answer is yes. We all life can not be separated from the medical industry, sick will go to the hospital to see a doctor, you need to take medicine, or even hospital surgery. But for us, how to ensure that we eat is not fake drugs, expired drugs? How to let the doctor understand your basic situation, so as to give you timely and correct treatment?...
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  • Milk powder industry RFID security and logistics traceability solutions
    Milk powder industry RFID security and logistics traceability solutions 2017-09-26
    RFID anti-counterfeiting and logistics traceability system through a reasonable combination of technology applications to give a single product ID card, so that consumers can every product from the source to the sales of all aspects of tracking to facilitate the consumer to understand the details of the milk powder, Product quality more at ease, improve consumer product safety. System advantages O...
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  • RFID technology, jewelry from the
    RFID technology, jewelry from the "chip" began 2017-09-26
    In recent years, with the rapid economic development, people's life is not only the pursuit of food and clothing problems, but also pay more attention to enjoy, the pursuit of fashion, the whole family invariably have purchased jewelry and other fine jewelry, so the rapid development of domestic jewelry industry, All the jewelers are smiling face, but also increasingly fierce competition in the do...
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New Products
  •  Rfid hotel key card

    125KHz /13.56MHz Rfid hotel key card for rfid keycard lock KABA/Saflok/MF/Betech/Salto

    Specialized in manufacturing kinds of Smart card, Rfid card, NFC card, Access card, etc. Specialized in manufacturing kinds of RFID/ NFC Series products, customized service. High lights: Founded In 2000, Experienced Engineers Available, Providing High Quality Products.

  • NFC embed card

    High security NFC embed card for e-Ticket payments

    Embed cards makes it easy to transform your Family Entertainment Center to be completely cashless, with the integrated solution that includes contactless card readers, RFID wristbands, self-service kiosks and POS systems.

  • Rfid Bracelet For Gym

    Waterproof GYM access control 13.56mhz silicone RFID smart wristband

    RFID technology is easy to use & configurable for your needs. Discover the advantages. A Global RFID Wristbands Leader in RFID Solutions, we create frictionless experiences for your guests. Experiential. RFID Solutions. Access. Payment. Services: Access, Payment, Experiential.

  • Customized RFID Blocking Card

    RFID Blocking Card for Credit Bank Card Protection

    RFID Blocking Card / Shield Card is the size of a credit card that is designed to protect personal information stored on credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, RFID driver’s licenses and any other RFID Cards from e-pickpocket thieves using handheld RFID scanners.

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