• Advantages of RFID in the sales of the logistics industry
    Advantages of RFID in the sales of the logistics industry 2019-01-08
    Advantages of RFID in the sales of the logistics industry For the logistics industry, enterprises and customers are most concerned about the speed of transportation and the accuracy of information, and RFID can meet these conditions. In the logistics industry, it has the following advantages: (1) Read and write quickly. Only one of the barcodes can be scanned at a time, and the RFID recognizer can...
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  • Cylinder management RFID solution
    Cylinder management RFID solution 2018-12-28
    With the improvement of people's living standards, the number of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders has also increased dramatically. Liquefied petroleum gas has many problems, such as wide use, large quantity, large liquidity, harsh use environment and lagging regulatory measures, which cause huge safety hazards. Under this background, it is urgent to strengthen the government safety supervision of...
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  • 13.56MHz RFID Tag Plastic Cable Nylon Tie Tags
    13.56MHz RFID Tag Plastic Cable Nylon Tie Tags 2018-12-17
    Rfid Plastic Cable Tag, which is permanently fastened to an object for tracking purpose. RFID Cable Tie tag is special cable structure makes it easy for installation. Second encapsulation technology enables it operated in dust, water and wide range temperature environment. 13.56Mhz Nylon Rfid Cable Tie Tags is made of nylon or PVC, optional with different colors like yellow/ red/ white/ blue....
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  • Circle design Anti-metal NFC Sticker / label
    Circle design Anti-metal NFC Sticker / label 2018-12-17
    The metal-resistant nfc sticker (anti-metal nfc sticker) is an electronic label packaged with a special anti-magnetic absorbing material, which technically solves the problem that the electronic label cannot be attached to the metal surface. The product is waterproof, acid proof, alkali resistant, anti-collision and can be used outdoors. Applying a ntag213 anti-metal sticker to the metal provides ...
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  • RFID anti-counterfeiting application
    RFID anti-counterfeiting application 2018-12-12
    RFID technology can effectively solve the increasingly rampant product anti-counterfeiting phenomenon. In RFID anti-counterfeiting applications, clothing is commonly used for anti-counterfeiting. Apparel manufacturers put their own unique RFID tags and clothing in a carton, each with its own unique ID code. It is estimated that the annual market affected by counterfeit products in the world reache...
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  • RFID Sports Fitness Watch,Smart bracelet  combin with RFID Chip
    RFID Sports Fitness Watch,Smart bracelet combin with RFID Chip 2018-11-14
    RFID sports wristband product features: 1. Built-in dual-chip NFC in the bracelet, fully supports high and low frequency bands, applicable to various industry membership cards, high and low frequency access control, corporate card, VIP card,micropayment, etc. (the front of the card position, the card sensing distance is stable) 2. 0.86 inch bright OLED, can display each display information with su...
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  • RFID Wristbands Factory All styles offer
    RFID Wristbands Factory All styles offer 2018-11-07
    The RFID wristband is also called the RF wristband and applies the principle of radio frequency. From frequency points, RFID wristbands are divided into low-frequency RFID wristbands, high-frequency RFID wristbands and UHF RFID wristbands. From the material can be divided into, rfid silicone wrist band, rfid pvc wrist band, RFID nylon wristband, soft PVC disposable PVC wristband, paper disposable ...
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  • Anti-counterfeiting system and method based on RFID technology for wine
    Anti-counterfeiting system and method based on RFID technology for wine 2018-10-29
    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) can realize the tracking and information sharing of goods in the world through the combination of Internet technology. It is the direction of the future development of enterprise information. RFID technology for logistics, manufacturing and service industries can greatly improve the management and operational efficiency of enterprises, and reduce the cost of c...
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  • RFID large washing company washing solution
    RFID large washing company washing solution 2018-10-09
    Large washing companies take over a large number of orders every day, especially for business hotel attire, hospital bed linen and even occasional bathing places. A large number of clothing products need to be washed, dried, ironed, folded, sorted, and sorted to be delivered to customers. The process is complex and diverse. Problems, mistakes, and accidents often occur, and large washing companies...
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New Products
  •  Rfid hotel key card

    125KHz /13.56MHz Rfid hotel key card for rfid keycard lock KABA/Saflok/MF/Betech/Salto

    Specialized in manufacturing kinds of Smart card, Rfid card, NFC card, Access card, etc. Specialized in manufacturing kinds of RFID/ NFC Series products, customized service. High lights: Founded In 2000, Experienced Engineers Available, Providing High Quality Products.

  • NFC embed card

    High security NFC embed card for e-Ticket payments

    Embed cards makes it easy to transform your Family Entertainment Center to be completely cashless, with the integrated solution that includes contactless card readers, RFID wristbands, self-service kiosks and POS systems.

  • Rfid Bracelet For Gym

    Waterproof GYM access control 13.56mhz silicone RFID smart wristband

    RFID technology is easy to use & configurable for your needs. Discover the advantages. A Global RFID Wristbands Leader in RFID Solutions, we create frictionless experiences for your guests. Experiential. RFID Solutions. Access. Payment. Services: Access, Payment, Experiential.

  • Customized RFID Blocking Card

    RFID Blocking Card for Credit Bank Card Protection

    RFID Blocking Card / Shield Card is the size of a credit card that is designed to protect personal information stored on credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, RFID driver’s licenses and any other RFID Cards from e-pickpocket thieves using handheld RFID scanners.

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