Amusement park member RFID Wristband system solutions 2017-12-22
With the continuous progress of social civilization, the people's economic living standards continue to rise, and people's willingness to participate in tourism and entertainment is getting stronger and stronger. So constantly emerging new tourism projects and theme parks, eco-parks, playgrounds, farmhouse trips and more.
These leisure and amusement projects, there are more Ferris wheel, pirate ship, bumper cars, etc., at present most of the amusement park charging mode is still relatively primitive, the basic artificial ticket sales mode, but also for each project tickets a valid project ticket, tourists To play a project need to line up the ticket once, during the holidays, the peak of play, queuing up tickets also need to line up to play the project, thus causing a huge accumulation of people, to bring some confusion to tourists.
Second, the system introduction
In response to the problem of queuing up for buying tickets, Meihe introduced smart charging for RFID Silicone wristbands and enabled IC card charging system. Visitors entering the park set up card service center, each visitor in the temporary park to provide a temporary RFID wristband which recharge a certain amount into the park for each play, credit card spending way to play, without tickets, without waiting in line, greatly Improve the park management. Play is completed, the service center in the back of the card back card back the balance operation.Our RFID Wristband can customlized all kinds of RFID chips,can suiable for all kinds of recharge very convenience to customers,about size also have all kinds,women size,man size and child we have women RFID Wristbands,man style RFID wristbands,RFID Child wristbands.also have many kinds of colors can be choosed.
RFID Slicone wristband
Amusement park member card system solutions
Diversified functions to achieve:
1, timing fees: credit card into the beginning of time, out credit card spending deducted
2, toll gate gates: credit card gate at the same time buckle fee functions
3, amusement park dedicated color charging machine: color display, waterproof design, vertical shape

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