Hospital maternal and child RFID wristband management solutions 2017-12-19

First, the system overview

At present, most obstetrics and gynecology departments in hospitals usually use the logo rings for infants and infants when they are born infants, until they are discharged from the hospital to identify mothers and infants. This ring of signs is a purely physical medium and can be easily replaced. The hospital's existing management system will not let the families of the infants visit casually and limit the number of people to control casual access. Even so, urgent visits to mothers and children out of family members, the actual management is difficult to do. How to solve the problem of baby being stolen and preventing incorrect report is an urgent need to be solved in maternity hospital.

RFID Child PVC wristband

Therefore, according to the actual hospital conditions and management needs, the use of advanced Internet technology designed hospital maternal and child RFID wristband management system is based on the principle of openness, both to support centralized management, but also to support human services, in line with the current and Future development needs solutions. It will play a significant role in maternal and child identification management, infant anti-theft management and access control of obstetrics and gynecology, gynecology and obstetrics in large general hospitals.
Second, the system structure
The system involves four parts: binding of wristbands and information entry, real-time monitoring platform, system security management and HIS management system interface.
Mother and baby binding configuration management system: provide for newborn babies, new mothers release electronic wrist strap, and the two sides of the electronic label binding unique code to provide alarm events, care records and other integrated query capabilities; real-time monitoring platform: real-time platform Collect signal of each signal detector wristband signal, and according to pre-set monitoring logic alarm event analysis, anomaly immediately alarm; System Security Management: provide internal system basic data, permissions, alarm event configuration management and other functions; HIS management System Interface: Mother, baby basic information will be given priority from the HIS system, some nursing orders can be synchronized to the system.
2.1 software platform
In addition to the neonatal identification of the patient logo must be achieved in addition to matching the mother and the baby, the baby also need to match with the nursing staff, separate management of the baby there is a loophole in management, can not put an end to malicious human exchange. Therefore, it is best to identify the newborn infants and their mothers with each other, and to link the natural mother with the child with the same code. At the time of temporary child care transition between hospital staff and mother, both parties should carry out inspections at the same time to ensure correct mother-child pairing while ensuring that only paired medical staff have the right to take the baby out of the safe area.
2.2 hardware equipment
Hospital maternal and child RFID wristband management system hardware mainly consists of the following components:
Anti-theft labels: the label can be identified from long distances, baby, mother with a wristband tag, nursing staff can wear a cassette label;
Exit detector: installed in the main entrance of the tag signal collector;
Signal detector: installed in the ward label signal collector;
Control host (PC) and monitoring client: installed in the nursing workstation, security monitoring center, mother ward.
The four system components form a tight network of security systems that, with the movement of anti-theft labels, provide real-time alerts to alarms that do not allow anti-theft tagging (irreplaceable) activity or pass, Causes of alarm and related information.
Third, the system function
1) Wristband management
Provide baby wristbands, mother or family wrist strap, caregiver label distribution, binding and maintenance functions, the establishment of neonatal and maternal electronic tag exclusive files. And can view the history of wristband records, these labels are used unique number can not be repeated, so as to avoid the phenomenon of holding the wrong. In order to facilitate the naked eye recognition, you can paste the basic information of the baby on the wristband: the name of the parents, date of birth, gender, nurse name and so on.
2) real-time monitoring
Mother-to-child interaction: When the mother wears the label with the button, the mother can voluntarily request the status of the baby by pressing a special tab button. The ward's display will automatically display its baby's monitor showing the baby's current location and status information.
Burglar alarm: Ward area, ward entrances and exits, important foreign channels are equipped with signal detectors, real-time grasp the baby's location, if the baby without permission, leave the ward or ward, then immediately start the alarm, and according to the alarm level , Can appear in the nursing station, security monitoring center at the same time, and alarm sounds to the mother wristbands.
Anti-flop: When the baby and other unattached mothers or nurses in the same area, the system will be based on pre-set anti-erroneous logic analysis, issued a warning alert, the system will automatically analyze whether the wrong holding, nursing staff also You can confirm by mobile terminal.
Tag tamper: baby wearing a tag with a tamper function, if deliberately remove the tag, the tag will immediately notify the monitoring center, and sound the alarm.
Video linkage: The system monitoring platform can be linked with the hospital's video network, alarm immediately switch the alarm area camera, view the alarm area of the video image.
3) infant care management
Check-in and check-out: When the baby needs to leave the ward due to bathing, emergency care and other factors, it needs to be checked out by the handheld terminal or the PC console and authorized to leave. Otherwise, the alarm will be prompted automatically when returning to the ward Check-in.
Nursing record: the system matches the hand-held mobile nursing workstation for nursing staff. During the nursing process, the nursing staff can scan the mother's and the baby's wristband through the mobile workstation to perform the nursing operation. The system will record all the bedside nursing services, Personnel labels automatically record nursing staff's inspection records.
4) comprehensive inquiry
The comprehensive inquiry can provide the inquiry of mother-infant details based on the wristband, the name of the mother, the bed number and the date of birth of the baby, and the historical record inquiry function of providing alarm events, personalized services and nursing records.
5) infanticide monitoring
Baby temperature and humidity monitoring: through the installation of temperature and humidity sensors, wards, baby area of temperature and humidity data acquisition and real-time monitoring platform in order to provide more comfortable care environment, but also bath temperature monitoring: At present, baby bath and swimming pool water temperature are all determined by the nursing staff's own feelings. Different nursing staff have different experience values. To ensure the water temperature is within a reasonable range, the system provides a water temperature tester, which is displayed on the monitoring platform after collection for nursing Staff to provide care basis, when the water temperature is too high or too low, the system automatically generates an alarm.
6) personalized service

For mothers and relatives, the baby wristband has a certain commemorative value. At the same time, baby features such as baby photos and hand patterns can be printed on the wristband by means of technical means. By building the system, babies can be provided more More personalized service.

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Fourth, the significance of the application
1) Improve the hospital informatization and intelligent management level, laying a solid foundation for the hospital to build a higher and more comprehensive information;
2) to stop the patient, the baby was mistakenly identified and accepted the wrong treatment;
3) to provide patients with wireless help function, improve the level of human medical services;
4) to help doctors or nurses to identify similar characteristics, difficult to communicate difficulties in the identification of infants to prevent the wrong phenomenon;
5) Monitor and track unauthorized persons entering the high-risk areas without permission to prevent unnecessary accidents;
6) Prevention of malicious exchange and steal of baby through the anti-disassembly of labels, the uniqueness of ID numbers and mate pairing measures;
7) To provide hospitals with more personalized services related to newborn babies, to meet the needs of family members and to increase hospital receipts

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