Amusement Park uses smart RFID wristbands to implement cashless sales 2017-10-23
Hong Kong Disneyland uses the global automatic wrist strap recognition company Meihe smart RFID wristbands system to achieve non-cash sales, in order to make customers more convenient and satisfactory, while improving the park's profits.
Disney uses a fully integrated cashless sales system, which successfully tested in the last quarter, with the advantages of safety, convenience and humanity. At the opening ceremony, the amusement park used the Meihe smart RFID wristbands. Visitors can use these wristbands for shopping in the park, check the balance, and in the park 200 RFID POS station at any one of the wristbands to recharge. Because smart RFID wristbands are watertight, they can also be used in places where there is water.
Meihe's RFID manager notes that most POS software systems have RFID capabilities and are therefore cost-effective even if they are converted. The convenience of the customer can produce huge profits, because they no longer need to carry cash or unlock money to buy things. Faster transactions and shorter teams to produce higher efficiency, save customers more time, but also bring greater profit margins for the park.
The use of RFID technology for the playground is not the first time. More and more playgrounds have introduced RFID technology. Customers use the Meihe smart RFID wrist to open. Based on the success of the current RFID device, there will be more RFID applications in the future.

From the first use of smart RFID wristbands, Meihe's RFID technology has helped many domestic theme parks to bring better service to customers, while generating huge gains. Feasible RFID wristband applications include social media integration, cashless payments, keyless locks, electronic access control systems, image management systems, and customer membership programs. In addition to smart wristbands, other Meihe innovative RFID solutions include Meihe smart cards, key straps, straps, and parking cards.

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