Application Comparison between QR Code and RFID Technology 2018-01-04
First,QR code profile
QR code and RFID technology are considered as alternatives to one-dimensional bar codes, and their identification and authentication of objects is a key aspect of the Internet of Things. They are relatively one-dimensional bar code has a large amount of stored information, high security features. One-dimensional bar codes are familiar to all people. One-dimensional bar codes are found on books, CDs or food packaging bags. One-dimensional bar codes are mainly composed of black and white stripes, and sequences of English letters or Arabic numerals below the stripes are mainly used Store product information. The two-dimensional code is usually a square structure, is a dot matrix form, using black and white geometry to record data symbol information, is a certain geometry by a certain regular distribution in the plane. Because, two-dimensional code is the use of both horizontal and vertical directions are stored information, so the relative one-dimensional bar code, the information storage capacity, and bar code occupy a smaller area. The information recorded in the two-dimensional code We can automatically identify and read the records through the image input device or image scanning device. The one-dimensional bar code can record the basic information of the commodity, but can not provide the detailed information of the commodity. If necessary, we need to query the detailed information of the corresponding barcode through the database. The two-dimensional code without the database can view the details of the goods, simple and convenient. The following figure is a common two-dimensional code:
Second, RFID tags Introduction
RFID technology is a wireless radio frequency automatic identification technology that can move any item of identification, the items from the production to consumers in the hands of all aspects of tracking, and record the product's logistics information. RFID radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which automatically identifies the target object by radio frequency signals and access to relevant data, identification without human intervention, can work in a variety of harsh environments. RFID system is mainly composed of electronic tags, antennas, readers, middleware and host. The basic working principle of RFID technology is not complicated: After the tag enters the magnetic field, it receives the RF signal sent by the reader and sends out the product information stored in the chip by the energy obtained by the induced current, or actively sends a signal of a certain frequency; Reader read the information and decoding, sent to the Central Information System for data processing. RFID technology has higher security and information control and other advantages, the use of RFID in the process, can effectively reduce the cost of goods, but also effectively control the production of counterfeit and shoddy goods. Therefore, the RFID tag is an indispensable identification tag of the article entering the Internet of Things.
Third,QR code and RFID tags comparison
First, in terms of production costs, QR code and one-dimensional bar code, almost zero-cost information storage technology. Two-dimensional code is mainly through the information through a certain algorithm into computer-specific recognition of special graphics, such special graphics printed on the items, because the cost of printing or printing a special graphics only label itself, so the cost Near zero. And RFID technology in the promotion and use of the bottleneck stems from its higher cost, the cost of each of these RFID tags are more than 1 US dollars, for the general commodity, the price of electronic tags higher than the product itself The price is very high, so the average vendor or seller can not afford it. At present, although there are many ways to reduce the cost of labels, it still takes a long time to really reach the price accepted by the general public.
Second, from the application point of view, two-dimensional code in the use of goods, must pass the code scanning equipment to read the data, if you want to deal with more goods, each product code must be scanned by the code scanning equipment information. If the inventory of large warehouses, workers had to take the code scanning equipment to climb up and down to find the QR code of each product, time-consuming and laborious. However, RFID has shown outstanding advantages in this respect. If every product is equipped with RFID tags, workers need only read the data from the reader in the office and save time and effort.
Let's take a look at the expressway ETC channel. In order to save costs, some expressways have ETC access and do not stop charging for some vehicles. Not only does toll collection not only effectively reduce the number of expressway managers, but also solve the congestion problem at expressway toll gates. It is relatively simple to implement, in the high-speed vehicles to be installed by the RFID tag on the highway toll port to install the reader when the vehicle through the ETC channel, the reader automatically reads the RFID tag on the vehicle information, at The database inquires about the corresponding information, checks the identity of the vehicle, and automatically deducts the charge that the vehicle charges in high speed. This non-stop charging only RFID tags can be completed, two-dimensional code can not be completed. If we paste the two-dimensional code on the car body, the highway toll booth to install bar code scanning equipment can also be completed without stopping charging? The answer is no, on the one hand, paste the two-dimensional code on the car body affects the appearance of the vehicle, Some owners may not agree. On the other hand, the code scanning equipment needs a very short distance to read the two-dimensional code, which requires the owner to have good driving skills, and the two-dimensional code scanning process is not as fast as reading the RDIF label, even without stopping Scan code, but also need to slow, it is not realistic. Therefore, the current two-dimensional code can not be achieved without parking charges.
Two-dimensional code in the mobile e-commerce should have a better application, we are more e-commerce trading platform fire --- Taobao, for example. In order to improve the competitiveness of shops in Taobao, many businesses have made their own two-dimensional code, the buyer can scan the QR code into the store's website through mobile phones, to understand the store's credit, sell the product information, receive discounts stores Vouchers and more. This low-cost marketing tool is very popular with buyers, but also increased sales of shops. The two-dimensional code used in mobile e-commerce has the absolute advantage that it can not be replaced by RFID tags.
Finally, let's take a look at their safety. RFID technology from time to time issue a radio frequency signal, we can read through the reader RFID tag location, which is not conducive to privacy protection.
Fourth, the conclusion
Through the above comparison, we can see that each automatic identification technology has certain application advantages and limitations, a variety of technology coexistence can give full play to their advantages and can complement each other their shortcomings. Depending on the use of the environment and technical conditions, combined with the characteristics of the object being used, we can use different recognition techniques. For example: At present, RFID technology has a better application in the car networking, and in the mobile e-commerce, two-dimensional code has also achieved good results. Making the most of these identification technologies can make a big difference in our productivity and living standards. Realize "intelligence" of life as soon as possible.

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