RFID Smart Bracelet/Watch,Sport Wristbands 2018-01-10
RFID Smart heart rate bracelet with medical silicone material, simple design, smooth lines. The product has ultra-low power consumption, long life, the human body safe, healthy, non-electromagnetic radiation pollution, the use of more security and other salient features. Vital Signs Detection bracelet with reading and writing equipment, to complete the automatic identification of personnel, vital signs automatically monitor, do not disturb the identity of the automatic investigation and other functions. Can be widely used in public security, justice, procuratorate, court and other enterprises and institutions on the real-time monitoring of vital signs, personnel tracking, automatic access and other management. Especially in the increasingly prominent security issues today, the demand for safety management and real-time tracking of personnel in the special industries is more and more intense. The heart rate detection bracelet has provided successful solutions to customers with its excellent performance, reliability and high cost performance Program.

Smart heart rate bracelet out of recognition
An internal 125KHz bass activator (adjustable by the antenna position, transmit power, antenna shape and size) can be located inside and outside the access or access. The wristband passing through the access control will be activated by the activators inside and outside the door in sequence, and the access control and access recognition of the access door can be accurately implemented according to the order. Handheld RFID chip built-in, can detect personnel at any time. Sensitive.

Heart rate detection accuracy
2. Real-time positioning, high precision (20CM precision positioning)
3. Low power consumption, long standby time
4. Anti-conflict ability (200 / second anti-conflict ability)
Water depth of 5.50 meters, anti-soaking anti-shock
6 support for fast charging
7.OLED display shows
8. Looks beautiful, simple design, smooth lines

Bus system, access control systems, time and attendance systems, a wide range of applications recharge system. This is a brand new Smart Bracelet that incorporates all of the features of a sport wristband, incorporating not only the RFID Smart feature, but also a smart wristband that monitors heart rate, pedometer count, calorie count, and more. Give you a whole new experience. This wristband has been applied to the bus system in Taiwan, combining recharge and consumer integration, favored by the vast number of consumers.

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