Application of RFID wristband. 2020-03-12
In the near future, mobile phones will become everyone's personal doctors.

Everyone estimates that you have personal experience. It is a very common thing to wait in line to register in a hospital. Waiting and anxiety are the most common expressions on people's faces. This suffering can sometimes be more tormenting than illness. Patients are struggling because they see a doctor, and the hospital is overwhelmed by the thousands of outpatients every day. But these will change in the near future. Experts "live" mobile phones, and mobile phones become everyone's personal doctor, this is the vice president of the Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering yesterday, Yu Mengsun, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave people the prospect of a healthy Internet of Things.

Everyone who is ill wants to find an expert, but there are few experts. How can they serve everyone? But this will become a reality in the future. The most important thing for an expert is experience, and these experiences are often accumulated based on data pointers obtained from the patient's illness. If a database of expert experience can be accumulated, when the parameters of this database are sufficient, as long as the patient is sick After entering the parameter pointer, the database will automatically see the patient, and this database is ultimately a "robot expert".

These jerky databases may not be understood by many citizens, but for example, if an expert specializes in cancer, then as long as enough treatment plans for this expert are collected, these treatment plans are combined with the patient's pathological indicators to establish an expert. Database model, for example, when database pointers of 10,000 leukemia people are collected, then this database has 10,000 kinds of solutions for leukemia treatment, that is, an ordinary leukemia person, as long as the various test parameters are entered into this In the database, the database will automatically generate a treatment plan based on past expert experience, and this treatment plan is the daily treatment experience of this expert. Such a database will eventually become software built into the mobile phone. Once sick, the software in the mobile phone will automatically treat it, and if it is impossible to judge, the expert will personally treat the patient via the Internet. By then every citizen's cell phone will be a "machine private doctor".

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