Opportunities and challenges of the RFID industry in the epidemic 2020-03-25
The outbreak of the new crown virus will make 2020 a bit confusing. At the time of resumption of work, many enterprises are facing huge challenges, and even some companies are facing the risk of collapse. Large-scale mixed-use shopping malls and restaurants are among the first to bear the brunt of the virus. In addition, the manufacturing industry cannot escape the "infringement" of the virus.

      Things must be reversed, and new opportunities are mixed in the crisis. Just as General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important judgment at the co-ordination and promotion of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and economic and social development work deployment meeting: "The epidemic is both a challenge and an opportunity for industrial development." The RFID industry has been appearing on the online media for a short period of time. Once again confirming President Xi's words, the epidemic is both a challenge and an opportunity for industrial development.

       As an RFID core hardware provider for the Internet of Things, Ann Electronics is unique in the field of RFID libraries. In the face of the epidemic, the first analysis of the impact of the epidemic on the industry and the impact on the company, in general, the impact is there, but the overall trend is better, in the crisis, some other new areas of potential growth point.

In 2020, what kind of RFID god will the new crown virus create? The market-conscious security person predicts that the RFID industry opportunities will appear in the following areas.

Medicine and health industry

        According to the data of Jingdong Pharmacy, during the epidemic, the sales of a series of cold and antipyretic drugs such as Banlangen, Vitamin C effervescent tablets, cold spirit granules, Xiao Chaihu granules increased rapidly, and Shuanghuanglian became the protagonist overnight. Masks are out of stock throughout the country. One mask is hard to find, and fake masks are prevalent. Imagine if RFID technology was introduced, medicines and masks were affixed with a unique identification tag, so that pharmacies could know the stock situation of the materials in real time and replenish them in time. The uniqueness of the RFID tag can trace the source of materials and make fake masks invisible.

        In addition, the hospital is the hardest hit area of the epidemic, and doctors, nurses and patients are prone to cross infection. At this time, if smart medical and RFID technologies are introduced, medical consumables are strictly managed, and patients are identified and tracked, it can largely avoid large-scale cluster infections in hospitals.

Smart manufacturing industry

        The impact of the epidemic on the manufacturing industry is undoubtedly huge, and many factories will soon be unable to sustain their failure to resume work on time. The rise and fall of manufacturing are not only related to the domestic people's livelihood, but also vital to foreign economies. China is responsible for 18% of the world's GDP, and it is also the base of the world's supply chain. If China's manufacturing industry fails to function properly, foreign people will suffer.
     However, the factory's over-reliance on people and labor is the root cause. So the epidemic is inevitable for intelligent manufacturing and for RFID automatic identification technology. RFID automatic identification makes every link of the production line more intelligent, and greatly reduces excessive dependence on people.
During the epidemic, what impressed me the most was the "waiting" and "worrying" after shopping online with "passion".
        After a lot of online bleeding (payment), there is a long wait. What I want to exchange every day is the numerous prompts from the express customer service "Due to the impact of the epidemic, the delivery time may be delayed". After finally waiting for the courier, he was asked to pick up the courier at the village entrance of the city. Due to the epidemic, the community did not allow the courier brother to enter and exit freely, and unifiedly moved to the village entrance to receive the goods. Obviously going out during the epidemic has become a risk. After being fully armed, going out is still "infinite anxiety."

       The epidemic brought a new round of unmanned, intelligent, and non-contact thinking and attempts to the logistics industry. How RFID can better follow the trend and keep up with this trend is something that everyone in the industry should think about. After the epidemic, logistics giants will certainly accelerate the process of intelligent transformation.

Unmanned retail, catering industry

      The development of unmanned retail in 2019 is not so satisfactory, and the industry is permeated with a generally gloomy atmosphere. After the outbreak of disorder in the previous two years, unmanned retail in 2019 is indeed a bit of a downturn. However, it seems likely that the outbreak will bring a second chance to unmanned retail.

      Under the epidemic situation, it is required to keep a considerable distance in such scenarios as shopping queuing and dining in the dining room. Even so, many shopping mall staff are reluctant to venture to work at this level. But you do n’t have to buy the food, but you ca n’t stop eating. During the epidemic, many single office workers were "hungry" and panic. The emergence of unmanned retail and unmanned catering may help him solve this problem.

     RFID industry personnel must pay attention to at least two scenarios. One is the unmanned shelf aimed at the office scene, and the other is of course the hot unmanned store. Use RFID tags to complete the shopping process and achieve "get and go". Customers can shop anytime and anywhere according to their own situation, avoid crowded situations, and protect their own lives.

       Perhaps you would say that the epidemic will have an unprecedented impact on the entire retail industry, and unmanned retail is no exception. But for China, the demand is huge, and the virus will only delay the occurrence of demand, not eliminate it. People in the RFID industry must move quickly and work hard to become the next Jack Ma!

       The "crisis" brought about by the virus is dangerous, and people who are faced with crisis are more willing to go up against the current and seize the opportunity to make the brand stronger.

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