As 2015 the bank stopped Chinese magnetic stripe card, bank card upgrade and change the "chip" has become an inevitable trend 2015-09-25
As 2015 the bank stopped Chinese magnetic stripe card, bank card upgrade and change the "chip" has become an inevitable trend.

And according to the central bank data shows, at present Chinese market pure magnetic stripe bank card have capacity of up to 34 million copies, the future a year new delivery of financial IC card number can reach hundreds of millions of copies。

Financial IC card, the core part is a tiny smart chip, but had the Bank of China card chip market has long been the monopoly of foreign manufacturers, if only the Netherlands NXP a accounted for more than 90% of the market share in China, remaining less than 10% was also dismember Germany's Infineon, Samsung and so on. The market share of domestic bank card chip is negligible.

Until May 2015, with chip electronic Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the country with the side chip) has finally entered the central purchasing list of CITIC Bank, the first issue of 2 million joint platinum debit card.

"This means that the domestic financial IC card chip has been a breakthrough in the testing phase of the small commercial test, is about to enter the stage of large-scale promotion." Zhao Weijian, President of the same side of the chip of the Oriental Outlook Weekly said.

"The chip of bank CARDS" finally in the foreign monopoly in the market for many years to open a door.

From Europe block
As early as in 1995, the industrial and commercial bank of China will issue the first domestic financial IC card to the customer, but until 2011 the people's bank of China issued "about promoting financial IC card application work opinion", a nationwide replacement chip card not formally opened the curtain.

"Objectively, then domestic chip card has not completely ready."Beijing tongfang microelectronics co., LTD., President of paragraph tell Oriental outlook weekly, at the time of domestic chip architecture and technology has been mature, but did not specifically developed for the banking system chip.

It was during that time, European countries has basically completed the chip card replacement process."They have very mature technology and products, it also makes Europe's bank card in the first wave in  chip companies occupied the absolute superiority."Period of state said.

Domestic bank card chip companies soon discover that the other one's speciality is standard.

In order to ensure the physical security of the chip, chip manufacturers design every chip will have to be tested by authority organization of the safety inspection to put on the market."Said period of state, was leading the global market is western standards of CC.

CC is a Common Criteria for Technology Security Evaluation, for the international information Technology Security general assessment Criteria, by the United States, Britain, France and other western countries set up six principles about information Security and system Security features.CCRA organization is based on the mutual recognition of CC standard agreement, at present a total of 25 countries around the world to join the group, most of them are European countries.

"China is not CCRA organization members, Europe's examination organization doesn't accept testing requests from Chinese chip companies."Paragraph says, domestic chip companies repeatedly suffered when he was by CC certification.

Chip maker in China was once united China semiconductor industry association, under the WTO framework and CCRA argued, finally achieved detection.

But as a result, you can CC certificate of five European countries still refused to give China enterprise certificate.This means that even if passed the test, Chinese enterprises still don't get the certificate.

In addition to the financial IC card, smart chip card also applies to all kinds of function, such as the second generation id card of China and social security card.For reasons of information security, the second generation id card and social security card has all adopt domestic chip.

In this way, the domestic market smart card is almost the rest areas of financial IC card."European inspection agencies for Chinese chip companies battling to a certain extent, is to ensure that their own chips the monopoly position in the Chinese market."Period of said.

China's independent standard pressure

Discrimination is not limited to inspection agencies in Europe.Until now, even if the people's bank of China has explicitly demanded that commercial Banks to eliminate obstacles and restrictions on the purchase of domestic financial IC card chip discriminatory, cancel the compulsory purchase chips by the terms of the international certification of CC, but a large number of commercial Banks still insist on purchasing the chips must be certified by international CC."Domestic bank card chip into a dilemma.Period of said.

China's financial IC card hairpin quantity rapid growth after 2011, when 23 million, to 2013 cumulative hairpin quantity of 593 million copies.

"This background, China began from the national level to explore to build their own financial IC card chip testing certification system."According to section made in 2013, through the joint efforts of the ministry and China unionpay, on the basis of the national bank card test center has established the national financial IC card security test center.

"Tongfang chip is the first through the test and get a safety certificate."Period of state, said behind a paper certificate, is China's bank card chip for "touch stone across the river" independent testing to explore.

"National financial IC card security test center set up a set of can compete with European standards of testing standards."Period of state said, by the pressure, the europeans agreed to China soon tested enterprises to issue inspection certificate.

"This is a game process."Period of said, China set up its own detection institutions and detection standard, goal is the hope can with European testing organizations to achieve mutual recognition, "especially in the future, we may also ask the European chip companies must pass China's testing institutions inspection, to enter the Chinese market, this will give each other a lot of pressure."

Tongfang countries of Europe testing liberalised, chip and then on the road to European detection.Period of state says CC certification costs about in a few thousand ten thousand yuan, the time cost is also high."The same products abroad about 3 months can get the certification, and China's products may need two or three years."Paragraph says, lost a lot of market opportunities.

Once the Chinese enterprises to get the inspection certificate, foreign enterprises crackdown began to use the price advantage."It also forces us to develop a cheaper product."Period of said.

"Is expected by the end of 2015 we have a chip can get CC certification, this is the most cost advantage of China chip."Zhao Weijian said, as long as the market opening, domestic chip on technical and cost advantages quickly apparent, "this path were localized in SIM card has been fully proved.

Self test

Back in May 2014, tongfang chip and henan hebi bank cooperation, countries for the first time in domestic began to close many financial IC card application project pilot, pilot chips are all made of the algorithm.

For security reasons, smart chip in the process of production to encrypt.

Countries close algorithm was developed by the state password administration and a set of independent commercial cipher algorithm, it is mainly used for susceptibility to but does not involve the state secrets and internal information, administrative affairs, economic information such as a password protection to encrypt technology.

"Foreign product does not support the algorithm, so the secret algorithm promoted objectively also promoted the process of the localization of financial IC card."Zhao Weijian said that domestic chip manufacturers have hope to be able to follow the opportunity of promoting the secret algorithm to expand the market, but due to large-scale hardware transformation, Banks countries close algorithm in the field of promotion is very slow, bank card chip market is still in the foreign enterprise hands.

Tongfang chip countries began to change marketing strategy, promote the closely follow up the secret algorithm at the same time, more flexible, from operating mode to innovation projects of small and medium-sized commercial Banks of more positive, to promote the chip bank card.

Pilot a card with a commercial bank, for example, used for tongfang chip employee's pay check."Requires that all employees in the test period to complete at least ten times or more per POS consumption, in order to test the chip bank card consumption in various environment."Period of state said, a good test results finally convince the bank.

The successful experience of commercial Banks and local Banks, obvious role in promoting the state-owned large and medium-sized Banks, Zhao Weijian said, more and more Banks begin to accept 2015 domestic chip, "currently being tested in the bank there is more than a dozen. Chinese Banks amounted to hundreds of, we want the 2016 financial IC card batch commercial real before the arrival of spring to come to the front end of the market.

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