In 2019, total shipments of smart card chip market reached 12.7 billion 2015-09-22
In 2019, total shipments of smart card chip market reached 12.7 billion

Market institutions IHS, points out that in the wisdom to pay and the development trend of electronic identification, smart card (SmartCard) chip market demand is rising, and has set up in 2014 to nine billion six hundred million shipments, forecast in 2015 will grow up to ten billion four hundred million levels. And by 2019, the total volume of the market is expected to see twelve billion seven hundred million.
The market tracking firms focus on the main survey, smart card chip key end-user industries, including payment and banking, electronic government affairs and health care, a user identification module (SIM), and transportation industry, about 89% in 2014, smart card chip shipments, will continue to promote the development of the chip market in the next five years.

Smart card chip shipments to admit of no doubt, application development itself and is closely connected with smart card. According to the survey, in 2014 and 2015, Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) card in the United States significantly increased, as of 2014 has more than about two million cards and bank cards in the local issue, the overall number of smart cards in 2015 is expected to increase to about five million.

On the other hand, in the development of e-government industry, in 2014, although there are significant breakthroughs, such as the identity card and Ukraine's identity card and's successful implementation of the entire industry, enhance the momentum; however, other places of frustration, especially in the EU, like France has been removed from the driver's license, and Poland has canceled the new identity card on the chip, it brings some negative impact.

In summary, the smart card chip market is expected to have a reasonable growth model, and Asia in the global smart card chip market, will play an important role in the next 5 years, including China, India and Indonesia and other countries, will be the key to stimulating the chip needs of smart card.

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