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Adjustable Customized Rfid Wristbands for Water park 2020-09-03

Custom Silicone RFID wristband Price with an embedded RFID chip. Available with LF, HF(NFC), UHF Chips, our wristbands are ideal for events, festivals applications including brand activation and cashless payments. And please don't worry, our RFID wristbands can be configured to work well with most RFID system, or you can directly ask us for some samples to test!

silicone RFID smart wristband

Custom Silicon RFID wristband Price are also waterproof , and designed to be hard-wearing yet comfortable when worn over a long period, making them perfect for use at leisure parks, water parks, swimming pool or festivals.

RFID Bracelets Amusement Parks are the perfect solution for access control and easy to use. RFID Silicone Wristband is a convenient tool for cashless payment.It's made of 100% silicone,very durable.

We've got a wide selection of wristbands available such as woven RFID wristbands for events,printed silicone wristbands for waterparks,one time use wristbands for theme parks etc.

Material & Design
Silicone: Embossed or Debossed print
Printed: single color or more need to further check it.

More information,please contact our sales team

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