Plastic RFID Smart Cards
Massive Production For Waterproof RFID Tags 2018-11-15

RFID NFC Coin PVC Tag is laminated with PVC or PET. RFID Disc Tag can be with adhesive back; to be applied to a non-metallic surface. Because of our Direct Bonding technology,the surface is more flat resulting in great printing performance. Silk screen and Laser printing is available upon request.As for the laminating process,RFID Disc Tag is a cheap and flexible solution with optional thickness,read range and materials.

Adhesive RFID PVC Coin Tag

RFID tag consists of a chip , an antenna and encapsulating material (most time made of PVC ) ;

Passive RFID tag is activated by the radio frequency ( RF ) scan of the reader ,and RFID tag is programmable by RFID writer , there is no power source in the passive RFID tags .


1. Winding with self-bonding wire

2. Winding different shapes as per your inquiry

3. Meet your inquired inductance and resistance

4. Windings are bond by a strong adhesive

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