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Paris Will Gradually Cancel Paper Subway Tickets and Implement Rechargeable Tour Cards 2018-08-20

On July 12th, it was reported that recently, the Greater Paris Transport Federation, which is responsible for public transportation in the region, voted to replace the Paris traditional paper subway ticket with two types of RFID subway cards.

The report quoted AFP as saying that the two types of subway cards to be launched are called "Free + Pass-Through Card" and "Easy Travel Card", which can be used to take subway, bus, tram (excluding fast track), Paris Regional Express RER (1 and 2 areas only), cableway and bus leading to the two major airports.

The "Free + Passport Card" will be launched in October 2019 and is suitable for people who frequently use public transportation but are not enough to purchase a pass. This type of card is very similar to an ordinary pass card, but it is not a timely deduction in the month, but is based on the actual travel of the passenger within one month and the second month. Therefore, some personal information, especially bank account certificates, is required when handling the card.

The price of Paris subway tickets is currently different. The price that the car temporarily buys from the driver is 2 euros (about 15.63 yuan), the self-purchasing price on the machine is 1.9 euros, and the purchase of 10 stacks of tickets is 1.49 euros per ticket. The "free + pass card" single trip price is 1.49 euros, the Greater Paris Transport Federation hopes to attract users.

The Easy Travel Card will be launched in April 2019 for people who occasionally take public transportation. It can be said that the official replacement of paper tickets is the "easy pass card." This subway card is very similar to the Oyster Cardde Londre in London, England. The subway card is anonymous, and it takes 2 euros to purchase one, which can then be recharged at each subway station.

However, the report said that unlike the London subway ticket, when the passenger is no longer used, the ticket cannot be refunded and the balance in the card cannot be recovered. The Greater Paris Transport Association explained that "but the traffic card has no expiration date, and because it is anonymous, the purchaser can also transfer the ticket to others" and believes that the card can reach 5.8 million users.

The association pointed out that each year, the Paris Region sold a total of 550 million paper tickets, and the introduction of new cards is due to environmental considerations. "We hope to introduce a new subway card to replace the previous paper magnetic ticket, according to the characteristics of different customers, to meet their requirements." The new subway card is not only flexible, saving production costs, but also relatively affordable for consumers. Overall, transportation cards are cheaper to use than buying a single subway ticket.

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