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The New making way of Durable Rfid Laundry tag 2019-10-14

In the past, the management and maintenance of clothes in dry cleaners, garment factories and other places were carried out manually. For example, dry cleaners sent different types of customer information according to different customers. The customer information includes customer name and clothes delivery. Time, etc., classification of delivery locations of clothing factories, classification of origins, etc.; manual management and maintenance are time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a device that can intelligently track the situation of clothes. With the development of RFID radio frequency technology, the field of RFID radio frequency technology is becoming more and more extensive. Therefore, people apply RFID radio frequency technology to the management of clothes, and read it with the card reader, which realizes the situation of clothes very well. The specification and management save labor costs, but the existing laundry label is based on silica gel. The inner chip is etched conductive wire, which is easily affected by bending and bending in the laundry environment, and has high temperature and temperature resistance. Poor, easy to damage with clothes, and defects such as unstable reading or storage of label data.

 860-960MHZ UHF Textile Fabric Woven Linen Clothing Rfid Laundry Tag

Technical realization elements:

The problem to be solved by the utility model is that the existing laundry label has shortcomings such as short service life, poor resistance to high temperature and smashing, easy damage to the clothes together, and unstable reading or storage of the tag data.

In order to achieve the above object, the technical solution adopted by the utility model is:

The utility model provides a woven laundry label, which comprises a woven fabric base layer, a glue and an RFID label. The woven fabric base layer is printed with a layer of glue, and the RFID label is covered on the glue; the RFID woven laundry tag comprises a conductive line. And the chip, the conductive wire and the chip are between 1-5 mm in distance to realize electromagnetic coupling connection, and the conductive wire surrounding the peripheral end portion of the chip has a circular arc shape.

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