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Waterproof Rfid Laundry tag for Laundry Industry 2019-07-15
RFID tags for the laundry industry’s hostile working environment have been around for a while. While they can increase process efficiency, creating such robust tags means that their unit cost is often quite high — until now. Meihe's new Laundry Tag not only sets new performance benchmarks, but offers true high-volume availability with corresponding economies of scale.

Meihe's new uhf Laundry Tag is specifically designed to withstand the harsh demands of the laundry industry and similar application areas, such as hotels, hospitals, clothing or costume rental and work clothes supply, as well as commercial laundries.

Rfid Laundry Tag can also be used in other industrial applications with demanding technical requirements. Thanks to its sturdy design and robust polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) housing, Laundry Tag withstands water immersion, high temperatures up to 200°C, pressure and chemicals.

Rfid Laundry Tag

IP65 Waterproof Hitag 2 Hitag S Reusable RFID Laundry Tag

While it’s ideally suited to the rough environmental conditions found in the laundry management industry, this thin HF tag (Ø 16.1mm / 0.63”) nonetheless supports enhanced garment classification, and can contribute to efficient water and energy usage.

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