CMYK Printing Membership Plastic Card With Magnetic Barcode

Bar code card, that is, in the ordinary card surface to the bar code to the ordinary card also has the function of identifying bar code information. Barcode cards are generally divided into metal cards and PVC bar code cards, PVC bar code cards because of the material with light, heat insulation, moisture, moisture and other characteristics. And very decorative, so it is widely used.
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    Barcode Membership Plastic Card
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CMYK Printing Membership Plastic Card With Magnetic Barcode


Size: Regular 85.5mm*54 mm (ISO7816 Standard CR80), as a credit card; or customized irregular size and shape

Material: PVC, also we offer PET/PETG/ABS/paper/metal material cards)

Thickness:1) Regular 0.76/0.84 mm;

                   2)Customized thickness: 0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30/0.38/0.40/0.50/0.60/0.76/0.84/1.0/1.2/1.5/1.8/2.0mm;

Printing: CMYK offset printing;Silk-screen printing;Silver/gold silk-screen printing background 

Surface effect: Glossy; matte; frosted; transparent;etc.

Other crafts optional:

1) Magnetic stripe

2) Barcode: QR or barcode-13/39/128

3) Number: emboss, engrave, thermal printing, inkjet available

4) Photo printing available

5) Customized foil / hot stamping available

6)Scratch-off panel available


8) Micro text or guilloche available

9) Kinds of punched holes

10) Signature stripe available

Packing: Paper box, carton

Sample:We can offer free already-finished sample for your reference and testing; it only needs you paying for a little freight.

Barcode Card prining

Barcode Card

There are many types of bar code, there are about twenty kinds of common code system, including:
Code 39 yards (standard 39 yards), Codabar code, Code25 code (standard 25 yards), ITF25 code (cross 25 yards), Matrix25 code (matrix 25 yards), UPC-A code, UPC-E code EAN-8 code (EAN-8 international commodity bar code), EAN-8 code (EAN-8 international commodity bar code), China Postal Code (a variant of the matrix 25 code), Code-B code, MSI code, Code11 Code, Code93 code, ISBN code, ISSN code, Code128 code (Code128 code, including EAN128 code), Code39EMS (EMS dedicated 39 yards) and other one-dimensional bar code and PDF417 and other two-dimensional bar code.

At present, the international widely used bar code types are:
EAN, UPC code - bar code for the unique identification of a commodity in the world. We are the most common in the supermarket is EAN and UPC bar code.
Among them, EAN code is widely used in today's world bar code, has become the basis of electronic data exchange (EDI); UPC code mainly for the United States and Canada to use;
Code39 - is widely used in the management of various industries because of its combination of numbers and letters.
ITF25 code - more in logistics management
Codebar code - used in treasury, library and photo library business
There are also Code93 code, Code128 code and so on.
In addition to the one-dimensional barcodes listed above, 2D barcodes have been rapidly evolving and have been found in many areas.
Menbership card
Bar code production and printing

1, use a bar code printer to print
Barcode printer printing method is a traditional bar code printing method. Barcode printer is a special equipment, generally have a thermal and thermal transfer printing methods, the use of special label paper and ribbon. Bar code printer print speed, you can print special materials (PVC, etc.), can be an external cutter and other functions to expand, but its expensive, the use of more complex maintenance, suitable for large-scale production of labels for professional users. At present, commonly used brands are DATAMAX, ZEBRA, CLEVER and so on.
Barcode printer printing is based on heat, with the ribbon as the print media (or the direct use of thermal paper) to complete the print, with different materials can be achieved with high-quality ribbon printing and unattended in the case of continuous High speed printing.

2, the use of bar code label design printing software and laser printer printing
Application of ordinary printer with a special bar code label design printing software is another way to make bar code labels. The way to achieve a multi-purpose machine, and high precision laser printer, graphics performance and strong, and can print color labels. But its printing speed is slow, and can print less material. The main bar code printing software Label matrix CODESOFT, BARONE, Beijing into the label software (JCDL) and so on.
According to the above comparison, the two have their own advantages and disadvantages, respectively, for different occasions: in the need to print a large number of labels, especially in the factory need to print a large number of short time and the need for special labels (such as PVC materials, You need to use the bar code printer (such as the ticket office, etc.) should be selected bar code printer. In the label print volume is small, and mostly for the one-time print place (such as the library), should choose laser printing. In some small shopping malls, small factories and other places, two ways can choose. In other words, if you often print a lot of labels, or have special requirements for the label, and your financial resources allow, you should select the bar code printer; if your label print volume is not large, financial and do not want to spend too much, you The laser printer should be selected. The use of software and laser printing, not only to meet your bar code label printing needs, but also use it to create business cards, badges and so on.


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