Colorful Disposable Tyvek RFID Wristband For Advertising

Disposable paper Wristband are the most economical way to identify your guests.Tyvek wristbands are the cheapest way to identify your paid guests.

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    Colorful Advertising Tyvek RFID Wristband
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Colorful Disposable Tyvek RFID Wristband For Advertising

Product Description

Our Tyvek wristbands have a strong adhesive closure that will shred if tampered with to prevent transferring.

Customize your Tyvek wristbands to promote your organization or message. Create a one-of-a-kind wristband!

Get the customized look for a cheaper price with our pre-printed colorful Expressions Bands.

Help eliminate messy wristband tabs with Tyvek Bands

The colorful practical Tyvek RFID wristband is a one-way wristband ID tag for access control to events, festivals, open airs, concerts and of course for hospital patients. The transponder is embedded in the Tyvek material on the backside of the bracelet. Important: wristbands void if tampered or removed.

Colorful Tyvek Wwistband


Available colors: green, orange, red, yellow, blue; other colors on request

Available size: unisex – adjustable to max. 217mm wrist circumference, width 19mm or 25mm

Material: Tyvek is made of 100% polyethylene fibers, recyclable, with textile touch

Weatherproof (also for outdoor use)

Custom printable, can be labeled with a ballpoint pen too

Operating temperature: +10 to +60 degrees Celsius

Transponder: MIFARE Classic 1k, other technologies on request

Disposable Tyvek Wristband for Concert

Available chip technologies

13.56MHz HF Chip: MIFARE S50, MIFARE S70 , MIFARE Plus , MIFARE DESFire , MIFARE Ultralight EV1, I CODE SLI , etc.

860-960MHz UHF Chip: Alien H3  Monza 3 , Monza 6

Other ICs are available upon request.

Paper Wristband for Event



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